Where to purchase Patch Up service in Fortnite

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peely and korra in fortnite

Wondering where to purchase the Patch Up service in Fortnite? Here’s everything you need to know.

Each week Fortnite receives new Quests for players to get through, and Week 6 is causing some confusion for players who are trying to purchase the Patch Up service.

So, here’s everything you need to know, including where and how to purchase the Patch Up service in Fortnite.

Where to purchase Fortnite Patch Up service

You can purchase the Patch Up service in Fortnite from the Peely or Korra NPC or via Mending Machines which are found across the map. The service costs 100 Bars. Keep in mind that you can only purchase a Patch Up service if you have less than full health.

How to complete Fortnite Patch Up service Week 6 Quest fast

Completing this Week 6 Quest in Fortnite is easily done by visiting Peely, as this guarantees you’ll be able to purchase a Patch Up service, instead of messing around trying to get lucky with the right Vending Machine. Further, Peely’s location has a campfire you can light and take damage from so that you can actually purchase the Patch Up service too.

Peely & Korra NPC locations

You can find Peely on a hill with a camp between the Restore Reels and Fencing Fields POIs. You can find Korra south of Grand Glacier next to the Water Shrine.

In Chapter 5 Season 2, Peely and Korra are currently the only NPCs that you can purchase the Patch Up service from. Simply speak to them and select the healing option on the right side to purchase a Patch Up service.

Mending Machine locations

Vending Machines are found all across the Fortnite Island, but you’ll need to find a Mending Machine variant to purchase a Patch Up service. These can be identified via a medical cross symbol and your best bet at finding the one you need is by landing at Reckless Railways, as three will spawn in the area.

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