Where to find Fortnite’s Shark Island anomaly

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You can get the Jump 23 variation of the Agent Jones outfit in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 by locating an anomaly on Shark Island. Here’s where you can find it in the battle royale.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 brought a wide variety of content for you to enjoy, including new skins like Lara Croft and Rebirth Raven in the Battle Pass. Now, you can also unlock the long-awaited Agent Jones skin.

Epic Games have added different variations of the fan-favorite character, and each one can be obtained by completing certain challenges. The Jump 23 variation requires you to investigate an anomaly at Shark Island.

Shark Island anomaly location in Fortnite

You’ll need to make your way towards the West side of the Fortnite map for this challenge. The anomaly will be on the northern part of Shark Island, marked by some holograms on top of a small cliff.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find, but we’ve made things even easier by marking this location on the map below:

Shark Island anomaly location in Fortnite

This challenge requires you to remember a specific pattern. You’ll need to follow the butterfly that flies past each hologram, and perform certain actions in the correct order. Here everything that you need to do:

  1. Crouch
  2. Emote
  3. Jump

Once you’ve performed these, the butterfly will fly between all the holograms and turn into an object. All you need to do now is interact with it. This will result in the successful completion of this challenge.

Shark Island in Fortnite

It’s worth mentioning that the interactable object may not show up if there’s another player nearby. When this happens, you won’t be able to complete the challenge right away, and will have to leave the match and restart it in a new game.

This can be particularly irritating, so try to make sure that nobody’s within close proximity of you before starting the challenge. It’s far less annoying to do that than have your progress nullified when you’re almost done.

Completing this challenge will grant you the Jump 23 variant of Agent Jones, and you can wear it the next time you jump into the battle royale.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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