How to complete secret Metallica quest in Fortnite: Cliff Burton Easter egg explained

Nathan Warby
Metallica Loot Island in Fortnite

The Metallica crossover has arrived in Fortnite, bringing with it a secret quest to track down a Cliff Burton Easter egg. So, here’s where to find the nod to the band’s former bassist and how to tick off the quest.

Following the likes of Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish, the Fortnite 30.10 update brought a crossover with heavy metal royalty Metallica in Festival mode. But the iconic band has also made its way into the main BR mode through several exclusive Quests, including a secret objective to find a hidden Easter egg.

Here’s where to find the Cliff Burton Metallica Easter egg in Fortnite.

Metallica Cliff Burton Easter egg location in Fortnite

You can find the Cliff Burton Easter egg in Fortnite in the underground area of the new Metallica Loot Island. When heading down into the cave area, you’ll notice a gray wall that has “Cliff ‘Em All” scribbled on it.

After landing on the island, follow the path down until you reach an opening with a “Gutbombs Tasteland” sign hanging above it.

Loot Island cave in Fortnite
There is also a smaller entrance on the opposite side of the island.

Head inside and the memorial can be found to your left, behind a sofa surrounded by amps. Approaching this will automatically complete the secret “visit memorial” Quest, which isn’t listed on the objective menu and earns you 10,000 XP right away.

Cliff Burton Easter egg in Fortnite

While this may sound straightforward, getting to the memorial might not be an easy task, as Loot Island only spawns once the third circle has closed. Its location will be marked on the map for all to see, before it rifts in shortly after.

The island has been given a Metallica-themed makeover since v30.10 went live, with holograms of Hetfield and co. playing some of the band’s greatest hits. However, it’s still home to top-tier loot if you can secure the capture point, so don’t be surprised to run into plenty of competition.

Fortnite Cliff Burton Metallica Easter egg explained

This Fortnite Easter egg is a nod to Cliff Burton – Metallica’s original bassist. He played on the band’s first three albums, before he tragically died in a bus crash in Sweden while touring Master of Puppets in 1986.

Cliff ‘Em All is a reference to the second Metallica record that Burton featured on – Kill ‘Em All. It’s also the title of a compilation released after his death, which pays tribute to the bassist and his contributions to the band since he joined in 1982.

Meanwhile, the two hands wearing rings are taken from an iconic image of Cliff Burton that is well-known to fans of the group.

That was everything you need to know about the Cliff Burton Metallica Easter egg in Fortnite. The 30.10 update also introduced the Ride the Lightning guitar Mythic inspired by Metallica, as well as the Tow Hook Cannon to combat the vehicle meta.