New Fortnite XP glitches let players climb hundreds of levels in minutes

Souhardya Choudhury
LEGO Fortnite island and outpost

Fortnite players have discovered two XP glitches for both the base game and LEGO Fortnite, which are being used to earn hundreds of levels in a matter of minutes.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has begun as players all over the world hop in to try out the various new additions, like the new map, battle pass skins, and most importantly, the LEGO Fortnite game mode. Although there is much to explore in the new season, players are already finding certain loopholes in the system.

Not even a month into the season, and players have already discovered XP glitches for both the base game and LEGO Fortnite. These new exploits are allowing players to earn a ton of XP for a few minutes of grinding.

YouTube content creator ‘Aid’ discovered the first method, as he shared how players could get “200 levels in 20 minutes” in Fortnite. He started by focussing on the “Play on the Jam Stage for 20 minutes,” a Fortnite Festival Quest, as it is the one players need to run this exploit.

Players can join a friend who is already queued into the festival playlist and then start playing on the stage for 20 minutes, and leave once it’s done.

But when ‘Aid’ kept leaving and rejoining the lobby, he was continuously leveling up in Fortnite, as the game rewarded XP whenever he completed the challenge. The game likely thought that he was completing the challenge every time he left the lobby.

Other players approved of this method as one of them said: “This is still working. Currently at level 149 and still going.”

Another XP glitch in LEGO Fortnite was mentioned by YouTube content creator ‘HYPEX.’ According to them, if a player joined their friend’s world and picked up the “build a crafting bench in a Survival World” Quest, they could leave the world after building it and would level up every time they joined back and left, similar to the previous glitch.

However, keep in mind that these exploits might be patched soon as Epic Games are usually swift in fixing glitches in Fortnite.

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