How to conceal yourself from opponents in Fortnite Season 5

Andrew Highton

The epic Galactus event is now firmly in the rear-view mirror with a host of new Fortnite changes stealing the spotlight instead. One such change is the sneaky ability to hide from your opponents in Fortnite Season 5, here’s how you can do it.

Safe to say that the long-awaited Galactus special event was something. After the anxious wait when the countdown timer had elapsed, it seemed like time had stopped. But then he moved, and boy did he move.

One amazing event later from Epic Games and the map has undergone some extensive changes including new locations. The main one we’re going to focus on, however – is Salty Towers.

Fortnite season 5 zero point

How can I hide?

It must be a tough ask trying to constantly reinvigorate a game that is essentially the same thing over and over again. So trying to make Fortnite radically different with each update must be a challenge. This has led to the brilliance of being a salt spy.

The reintroduction of Tilted Towers in its now salty form has brought with it a cool new mechanic that could help people survive longer.

Reddit user Raoool19 shared a video that shows him running around in the location before coming to a complete standstill. His character then spends the next 2-3 seconds slowly sinking into the salty substance before being completely submerged in it.

After which, he’s then able to freely move around in the salt as nothing more than a protruding lump. There are obvious positives and negatives surrounding this tactic that make it hit-and-miss to use regularly.

Here’s the full video of how to do it.

Once this becomes common knowledge, then every man and his dog, and his dog’s dog, will be doing this when they land. So the element of surprise will be short-lived. It also means not moving for several seconds and this could easily compromise your position. Plus, you’re confined to only the areas that have salt, meaning you’d have to move somewhere else and re-sink.

hiding in salt in salted towers in fortnite

Unless Salty Towers is going to have other big, stationary mounds of salt as decoys, then it’s going to quite pointless. Extra heaps of salt would mean players wasting ammo on nothing and also drawing attention to themself, so that would add some depth.

However, if your guns are stricken by a lack of ammo, or you’re in a desperate situation, then it could be a quick way to hide in the heat of the moment.

More ways of utilizing this will inevitably be discovered as time goes on. Either way, Tilted Towers is back…sort of, and Epic are trying to shake things up.

Image credits: Epic Games

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