Fortnite players beg devs to revert “absurd” minimap UI change

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite characters in Chapter 5 Season 2

The minimap UI in Fortnite has undergone some changes in Chapter 5 Season 2, but players are feel that it reduces visibility and have request the developers to revert it.

In Fortnite, the minimap forms an important part of any strategy that players wish to adopt while approaching a match on the island.

There’s a lot of information that can be derived from this minimap, starting from Bounty and Medallion locations to the position of different POIs.

However, as players have mentioned on social media, this minimap UI needs an update because they’re finding it difficult to differentiate between the different elements shown.

Player ‘ExitNo7778’ took to Reddit to express their opinion about the visibility of the medallion circle on the Fortnite minimap. They found it “absurd” and said that the circle needed to be more visible.

A player responded to the OP and said, “They’re literally this way because when they were visible last season you couldn’t see your minimap in [the] end game in Fortnite” to which a different player replied, “That was far superior to what we have now.”

They also added, “I don’t even know why they changed it. If they wanted to make it more transparent, they should’ve made it 50% instead of the 95% it is now.” One Redditor also commented, “It’s also difficult to see them in the Olympus area too being all yellowish.”

Fortnite players also mentioned that they found it incredibly hard to see their own icon on the minimap and wished that Epic Games would let players edit it or “maybe make it pulsate with some sort of aura to make it more distinguishable.”

With Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 set to receive multiple updates in the future, there’s a high chance that the developers might address this issue in one of them.

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