Fortnite players praise Epic for keeping useful OG feature in Chapter 5

Franco Diaz
Fortnite characters in the bunker

The Fortnite community is pleased to discover that Epic retained the same llama feature from the last season, and many players are “so glad they did this.” Check out what this is about below.

Epic Games launched Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 with a massive load of new features such as weapons, vehicles, items, consumables, and more. Some new features like gameplay mechanics and quest changes, have not been well-received.

However, it’s not all negative feedback for the developers. Epic didn’t completely overhaul the game, so most features were carried over from the last season, and one of them was widely celebrated by the community

A Reddit user made a post thanking Epic for keeping the llamas featured during the OG Season in Chapter 4 since with this feature they can obtain their objects much faster.

These revamped supply llamas continue to serve their purpose of providing random materials and items to players who manage to open them. However, during the last season, these llamas underwent a significant change that was celebrated in the Fortnite community.

Since the last Fortnite season, all supply llamas can now be opened like any other chest, and unlike past seasons, they won’t run away trying to escape as soon they see you. Regarding these previous llamas, a user commented: “I thought the moving llamas were cool on release, they just got super annoying.”

This change implemented in Fortnite’s supply llamas are seemingly here to stay, with many players being “so glad they did this,” as they believe quickly looting them can result in “an easy 2 or 3 kills.”

The moving llamas were added to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 7, and since then, some players felt quite “disappointed” with this feature. Since the reason for chasing and wasting a lot of time trying to eliminate the llama was quite “annoying.”

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