Fortnite players furious as Epic resell same emote just with different music

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite jubi slide emote

Fortnite players slammed a new emote for being a scam because the animation was painstakingly similar to an older emote, but with a different song in the background.

Emotes in Fortnite contain an animation, which usually is a very popular dance move, accompanied by music in the background. The game has many emotes which are based on moves inspired by popular characters and individuals in other forms of media.

The recent “Jubi Slide” emote in Fortnite drew a lot of heat from the players after everyone discovered that it was very similar to the “Side Shuffle” emote.

As pointed out on Reddit by ‘Gustavogmmr’, the two emotes were exactly the same, with the only difference being in the song and the icon of the emote itself.

While players have blamed Epic Games for this issue, others have also said that the Jubi Slide Fortnite emote is better than the Side Shuffle because of the audio associated with it. ‘Alphasilverhawk’ commented, ” Epic has shown us they WILL sell the exact same emote twice, just with a different name and music.”

Redditor ‘Wierdfishes364’ said, “They should’ve bundled them together for 500 or offered refunds/made them free for Side Shuffle owners. With that said the new emote is better because of the audio.”

There were a few players, who managed to spot a minor difference between the two emotes. ‘TheAwd_’ replied to OP’s post and said, “Ngl i lowkey see the different. Side shuffle emote slides on its toes and Jubi Slide is on its heels.”

Although the emote has been temporarily removed from the Fortnite Item Shop because of a bug, it will be interesting to see if the developers bring it back at a later date despite the controversy.

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