Fortnite players call for devs to revert “garbage” locker UI

Amitesh Dhar
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Players have been complaining about the Fortnite locker UI ever since Chapter 5 Season 1 went live. Despite constant complaints about it, the developers have yet to address the issue.

Ever since the new season went live, players have been expressing their dislike for the current Fortnite locker UI. The current UI separates the different cosmetic elements into individual sections, which players find disruptive.

There have been a lot of complaints about the current Fortnite locker UI. Even two months into the new season, the developers have yet to address the issue.

Player ConsequenceApart4391 posted a screenshot of an in-game survey on Reddit. In the survey, the developers were asking for feedback on the current locker screen.

Players chimed in on this post with similar opinions. They mentioned that no one had an issue with the old locker UI at all. Before this change, the Fortnite locker UI had everything in one place. The different cosmetic aspects weren’t separated as they are currently.

As another player mentioned, “I don’t think it is possible to make it worse. Having to select skin, wraps, and emotes separately makes no sense. I always forget to select the corresponding wrap and emote loadout for the skin I pick.”

Another player responded to the thread with a suggestion for the current problem at hand. They said that it would be nice to have an option that allowed players to choose what carried over to the new presets from the old. They felt that it was inconvenient to change the emotes on the emote wheels in the current UI.

Others felt that the developers should delete the presets entirely because it’s inconvenient to use them in their current state in the game. Another player mentioned, “I’ve only been playing for a couple of seasons on and off and so far Fortnite is baffling to me in that sense. It seems to me whenever I decide to drop back in that they’ll have a way of doing something that everyone universally enjoys. And the following season, they’ll remove it or f*** it up completely. The locker UI for example. Why do they do this?”

Most players have mentioned that they don’t change cosmetics in the game anymore because of the way the current locker UI is.

Players are finding it inconvenient to navigate around the current locker UI in Fortnite. Since the devs already reverted one of the changes they made to the UI following player feedback, players will have to wait to see if the developers revert the entire UI to what it was before.

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