Fortnite Pandora’s Box exploit breaks Zero Build by letting players build

Joseph Pascoulis

Fortnite players have finally opened Pandora’s Box, bringing Chapter 5 Season 2 even closer, but the event seems to have broken the main attraction of Zero Build.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is just around the corner, and Epic Games decided to end Season 1 with a live event that saw players opening Pandora’s Box, which was held by a Titan’s Hand.

The Fortnite community came together to break the chains holding Pandora’s Box, with some, unfortunately, getting griefed while trying to complete the task. While some were trying to stop progress, the majority showed great teamwork in destroying the chains and opening Pandora’s Box.

While many were excited to see the fiery vortex that spawned out of the box, Zero Build players quickly found out that entering the tornado and flying back out enabled building in the mode.

Players that go into the Pandora’s Box vortex are scooped up into the air with their glider, a familiar mechanic for many of Fortnite’s previous map developments. However, upon landing, players noticed a change, as they were able to collect materials and start building in a mode that forbids it.

According to Fortnite news and leak accounts HYPEX and iFireMonkey, “going in the Pandora’s Box Tornado enables building in Zero Build.” You can then get building materials from “eliminating enemies,” and potentially other methods.

So, ironically, Pandora’s Box is playing its role pretty accurately in Fortnite, as much like in the ancient Greek myth, the opened box has unleashed “absolute chaos.”

“Zeus really just said all we play is builds,” said one user in the comments of iFireMonkey’s post, while another replied, “Zero builds really ain’t zero builds.”

Zero Build is meant to be a safe haven for Fortnite players who just want to focus on movement and shooting, rather than building their way to victory. So, hopefully, Epic Games can fix this bug soon, or perhaps players will have to wait for the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 update to fix this Zero Builds bug.