Fortnite leak claims two Suicide Squad character skins coming soon

Hamza Khalid
Weasel in Fortnite

Some new leaks have revealed that Epic Games will add another DC crossover to Fortnite in the form of new Weasel and King Shark skins from The Suicide Squad.

Epic Game haven’t been hesitant about introducing more crossover skins in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7. Among these are some popular DC characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

It seems the Fortnite developers aren’t done with DC just yet, as some new leaks are pointing to the arrival of two anthropomorphic characters from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

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King Shark from The Suicide Squad in Fortnite

According to notable Fortnite leaker Shiina, Epic Games might be currently working on some Suicide Squad skins to introduce in a future update. The game files had codenames for two characters.

The first one is ‘SeesawSea,’ which likely refers to the character of King Shark. The second codename is ‘SeesawFuzzy,’ and this might be for a Weasel skin since he was the fuzziest character in the movie.

Considering the critical praise that the latest DC film is getting, it’s understandable why Epic Games would want to capitalize on this opportunity, as they recently added a Bloodsport skin to the game.

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Earlier this month, Shiina also provided a look at some new sprays featuring the Suicide Squad characters. These included Bloodsport, Harley Quinn, Polka Dot Man, King Shark, and Peacemaker.

Interestingly enough, King Shark had the codename ‘SeesawTeeth’ in that post, whereas this new one suggests that he’s listed as ‘SeesawSea.’ So, it’s possible that it might be referring to another character.

Epic Games have yet to officially confirm whether or not King Shark and Weasel with arriving as new skins, so take these leaks with a grain of salt. That said, those two wouldn’t be the most surprising additions.

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We’ll keep checking for any developments regarding their arrival, and will be sure to update you. For more Fortnite, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL, and check out how to complete Week 11’s Epic Quests.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. / Epic Games

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