Fortnite glitch reveals upcoming first-person mode gameplay

Liam Mackay
Fortnite Doomslayer using rocket launcher

It’s been heavily leaked that a first-person mode is in development for Fortnite and a glitch is giving players a taste of what the upcoming mode will look like.

Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 1’s 23.30 update has arrived, bringing another Dragon Ball Super collaboration, new Reality Augments, and the Geralt of Rivia skin soon. According to leakers, it’s also brought new files for the leaked first-person mode that’s in development.

Following the major success of Zero Build, it appears Epic Games are looking to bring Fortnite to the FPS market by including a first-person mode. With these files being added in 23.30, a glitch is showing off what Fortnite’s upcoming first-person mode will look like when it arrives.

Thanks to Twitter user ‘TwIInXD,’ we can see how the Scar looks in first-person mode. The player is in third-person until they aim, which looks similar to the red dot sight weapons that have appeared in previous seasons, but it uses iron sights for aiming.

Popular Fortnite leaker Shiina said it’s “our first look at what First-Person will look like once it comes to the game later this year,” and although it’s a bug, “the final product probably won’t look much different.”

It seems there’s still work to be done on weapons such as the Machine SMG and Bow, as the weapon covers the entirety of the player’s screen. However, the Scar appears to have been fully realized with the iron sights allowing for the precise aiming you’d expect from a first-person shooter.

We still don’t know when the first-person mode will eventually arrive in Fortnite, but insiders claim Epic are looking to release it “this year.”

Fortnite players are also waiting on the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, also known as ‘Creative 2.0’ which is set to bring a Roblox-like community to Epic’s ecosystem, and it’s set to arrive in March.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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