Fortnite Black Hole likely to return ahead of Season 5

Liam Mackay

Fortnite Season 4 is set to end on December 1, and many fans are anticipating it to conclude with the return of the Black Hole.

We first saw the Black Hole at the end of Fortnite Chapter 1, when players stared at it for almost two days in an agonizing wait for Chapter 2 to begin.

In Season 4’s end event, players are gearing up to fight Galactus alongside their favorite Marvel heroes. Galactus will likely leave devastation in his wake.

The Black Hole itself might not return, but a massive event followed by downtime is expected to occur.

Expected downtime

The event that will end Season 4 is expected to be Fortnite’s biggest event yet. Fortnite has seen several in-game events such as the Star Wars teaser, Travis Scott concert, and ‘The End.’ The files for the next event are 10x bigger than those for ‘The End’ event, which was the largest event at its time.

While Season 4 will end on November 30, it’s possible that we won’t get to play Season 5 until December 3. Similar to the end of Chapter 1, there is a reported 36-hour downtime between the seasons. Several signs that point towards this downtime.

Fortnite Season 4 has hosted regular tournaments and competitive events. However, there are no events scheduled between December 1 at 4 PM EST (the time of the event) and December 3 at 4 AM EST (the presumed release time for Season 5).

Data miners have discovered that the Black Hole event files have reappeared in the game. Twitter account iFireMonkey reported that ‘RockyRidge’ has appeared in the game files, which is the same code used for the Black Hole Event.

After dropping a small spoiler-warning, data miners FNLeaksAndInfo announced there might be downtime after Season 4.

“Prepare for some more possible downtime after the event similar to the Black Hole event!,” they tweeted. “To be continued! In Season 5!”

It’s likely that the ‘to be continued’ text will appear after the Season 4 event concluded.

Other data miners are also reporting that there may be a 10-hour downtime, as opposed to the expected 36.

However long the downtime lasts, players can expect a massive event to end Fortnite Chapter 2’s fourth season.