How to play Warzone third-person mode: Mixed View BR explained

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone Urzikstan Operator

The Warzone devs have brought the elusive third-person mode back to the battle royale. If you’re interested in 3rd person Warzone gameplay, here’s how to play the Mixed View BR mode.

If you’ve ever wanted to play Warzone in third-person, now’s your chance thanks to the Mixed View BR mode that arrived in Season 2 Reloaded. This new LTM brings a new twist to Warzone’s returning 3rd person experience.

Warzone: What is Mixed View BR mode?

Warzone‘s Mixed View BR mode is a limited-time mode that allows players to toggle between 1st and 3rd person views.

This LTM utilizes the standard battle royale formula and rules, and the only discernible difference is that you can opt for a third-person perspective that allows you to see all of your Operator and more of the environment.

Additionally, it’s also a handy game mode for users who’ve spent CoD Points on new skins as they finally get to see them in action.

How to play third-person mode in Warzone

Warzone players can select the Mixed View BR playlist and ready up to play the third-person mode just like any other Warzone game mode.

Here are the steps to play Warzone third-person:

  1. Launch Warzone.
  2. Head to the ‘Play’ tab of the menu.
  3. Find the ‘Mixed View BR’ playlist and jump into the mode.
  4. Use your controller/keyboard to toggle the third-person view on and off as you see fit.

The Warzone devs have deemed the Mixed View BR playlist as an LTM, meaning it won’t be around forever. Don’t miss your chance to play Warzone in third-person during Season 2.

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