Best Fortnite toys in 2023: Plushies, NERF guns, figurines & more

Best Fortnite toys

If Fortnite is your favorite game, you luckily have a wide range of toys, plushies, figurines, and other items to make the battle royale title a part of your real life. From NERF Blasters to a Loot Llama Plushie, here is a list of the best Fortnite toys in 2023.

Over the years, Fortnite has exceeded every game in existence in terms of crossovers and providing in-game cosmetics. As a result, it has become a part of pop culture and it is common to find Fortnite-themed toys and merchandise that fans are eager to find.

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For countless Fortnite fans around the world, the best gift is something that reminds them of their favorite game. From skin bundles and figurines to NERF guns and toys, there are a lot of options, and making a choice can be overwhelming.

To help you decide on your next purchase, we’ve compiled a list of the best Fortnite toys in 2023. You can find them on the majority of e-commerce websites and stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

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Best Fortnite toys to buy in 2023

Fortnite Builder sets

Fortnite builder set featuring Jonesy and RavenFortnite builder sets let you recreate a 1v1 scenario.

Assuming that the community is full of enthusiastic builders, we’ve started off this list with Fortnite Builder Sets. They have several variants but typically, these sets include two character figurines, building materials like wood and stone, weapons, harvesting tools, and guides.

Builder sets let you recreate your favorite Fortnite moments in real life as you get ample materials to make structures and put the characters on them. While some sets feature Agent Jonesy and Raven, others let you play with Black Knight.

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Monopoly: Fortnite edition

Monopoly Fortnite editionMonopoly’s Fortnite edition also grants a free skin code.

If you like Monopoly, buying the Fortnite edition of the famous board game is a no-brainer. This collector’s edition is not just a minor rework. Instead, it is a massive overhaul in which the winner needs to survive for the longest duration like the battle royale game.

You can play as Fortnite characters and pass through the most popular landing spots like Tilted Towers. HP replaces Monopoly’s currency, and playing this version is as fun as it sounds.

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If you want to enjoy Fortnite as a board game, you won’t find a better option than the aforementioned Monopoly special edition.

Anime Legends pack

Anime Legends skin pack in FortniteMidas is one of the most popular characters in Fortnite history.

Anime skins have taken over the Fortnite universe and for people who love them, we highly recommend the Anime Legends pack.

For $20, you get the following skins in the Anime Legends pack:

  • Golden Gear Midas Outfit w/ Style
  • Golden Crash Back Bling
  • 24 Karat Katana Pickaxe
  • Ricochet Rox Outfit
  • Whirlberry Back Bling
  • Blazeberry Blade Pickaxe
  • Ready Penny Outfit
  • Little Black Bag Back Bling
  • Glimmering Edge Pickaxe
  • Lil’ Kart Emote

The Golden Gear Midas outfit alone is enough to convince long-time Fortnite fans but the Ready Penny and Richocet Rox outfits make this deal even more lucrative.

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Anime Legends is just one of the many skin packs that Fortnite offers, so feel free to explore the Epic Games store and find a bundle that best matches your style.

Loot Llama merchandise

Fortnite Loot Llama plushie toyLoot llamas are originally from Fortnite: Save the World.

Be it a veteran from Chapter 1 or someone who started playing in Chapter 4, everyone loves the Loot Llama in Fortnite. The Llama has been a sign of great loot from the early days and apart from the characters, it is one of the most recognized elements of the game.

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There are many ways through which you can obtain a real-life Loot Llama. The best ones include:

  • Purchase a Loot Llama Pinata for parties. It contains figurines and loot items that can delight players with ease.
  • A Loot Llama plushie. These will last longer and can be the perfect gift for anyone.

Fortnite figurines

Fortnite action figurinesYou can make unique Fortnite squads with figurines!

Fortnite offers over 1000 skins to its players, and they unsurprisingly make good action figures. From Peely and Agent Jonesy to Cuddle Team Leader and Midas, there are a ton of characters that you can collect.

Unlike Battle Pass skins, there isn’t a fixed time during which you can purchase figurines. Hence, if you couldn’t get iconic skins like Drift from the OG Battle passes, buying its figurine can be your next best option.

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Fortnite NERF guns

A person holding a Fortnite NERF gunFortnite NERF guns are based on the guns from the game.

NERF and Fortnite have collaborated to release an exciting range of dart guns that are based on the weapons from the battle royale game. If you’ve ever wanted to experience being a Fortnite character in real life, these guns can definitely help with it.

Over the years, the quality and quantity of Fortnite NERF guns have increased. From SMGs and pistols to dart blasters and ARs, you and your friends can choose from several models and test each other’s mettle in real life.

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Fortnite comics

Fortnite Zero War and Fortnite/Batman comicsBoth Marvel and DC comic universes are now canon in Fortnite.

Many players will be surprised to know that Fortnite has a full-fledged storyline that began in Chapter 1 and is still going strong in Chapter 4. It revolves around the Zero Point and every map change, live event, and chapter/season is directly based on it.

The Fortnite Storyline features characters like The Foundation, Midas, Agent Jonesy, Dr. Slone, Geno, The Seven, and the Imagined Order. Thanks to the storyline’s increasing prominence, Epic Games partnered with Marvel and DC to bring special editions of comics that merge these universes.

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As of March 2023, you can purchase the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point and the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comics. Both have been received well and will help you expand your knowledge about the bizarre Fortnite multiverse.

Fortnite RC vehicles

A RC Fortnite vehicleThe shopping cart was the first vehicle to be added to Fortnite.

Alongside skins, weapons, islands, and POIs, Fortnite has also released vehicles that players can use to travel in-game. These include standard cars and bikes as well as equally unusual alternatives like a shopping cart and the Mechs.

You can find the majority of Fortnite vehicles as remote-controlled toys and kids can have the time of their lives while playing with them.

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We hope this guide helps you find the best Fortnite toys for you and your loved ones.

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Image Credits: Epic Games / Amazon

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