FIFA 23 players frustrated with broken OP Trivela exploit

Andrew Highton
van dijk blocking shot in fifa 23

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players are becoming increasingly frustrated with the game’s skillful Trivela shot as the mechanic is being exploited.

In a real game of football, your chances of seeing or encountering a Trivela pass or shot are very slim as the outside of the foot kick takes an unbelievable amount of skill and timing to pull off.

FIFA 23 offers players a ton of different skill moves and tricky maneuvers to pull off in-game to beat their opponent and even score some flashy, over-the-top goals.

However, the Trivela shot has become infamous in FIFA 23, particularly in Ultimate Team, as players online are favoring this shot over a regular one, leading to a ton of players abusing this OP mechanic.

Trivela exploit plaguing FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

It’s seldom that an iteration of FIFA can avoid exploits and cheeky tactics that can be used to make scoring goals easier, and FIFA 23 is no different.

Already, we’ve had a nifty dribbling trick that can improve the rate at which you can beat opponents, ingenious ways of scoring directly from a corner kick, and we’re sure you’re sick of hearing about ‘Lengthy’ players.

Now, it’s the turn of the Trivela shot as this outside-of-the-foot shot applies an unreal amount of spin on the ball and seems to leave goalkeepers helpless and stranded – as Reddit user Contemptt proved.

In their clip, they showed an unbelievable montage of goals from their 1-6 FUT Champions defeat in which Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong scored five first-half Trivela shots from almost exactly the same spot in the game.

Just to add insult to injury, Barca center-back Gerard Pique, not known for his goalscoring prowess, also added an insane 25-yard Trivela shot straight into the top corner for good measure.

What’s worse is that a commenter on the post provided de Jong’s shooting stats and you can read them here:

  • Finishing: 72
  • Shot power: 68
  • Long shots: 66

These aren’t typically stats associated with someone who can regularly bang shots into the top corner from distance, although de Jong does have the Outside Foot Shot trait which increases his ability on these efforts.

“Wow, I genuinely thought I was just seeing the same goal on loop at first, as in one singular replay. Sweet spot city ffs,” said one baffled user, whereas someone else simply said: “I don’t think anyone would have argued if the 1st 2 patches nerfed the Trivela shots. Don’t know what EA are thinking leaving this broken mechanic in for so long.”

The frequency with which Trivela goals are being scored does beg the question, how long will they remain untouched?

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Image Credit: EA

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