How to do a Trivela shot in EA FC 24

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The Trivela shot remains as effective in EA FC 24 as it was in prior titles, making it an essential skill to add to your arsenal. If you’re looking to learn this move, here’s how to successfully perform the Trivela shot in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 offers players tons of ways to score goals, and fans of FIFA 23 are bound to recognize the Trivela shot as one of the best and most stylish ways to finish off a goal-scoring opportunity. The curling pass was made popular by the likes of Zidane and Quaresma, and players can try it for themselves in EA FC 24.

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Besides adding a bit of flair to your play, a Trivela shot is effective from range, especially during Ultimate Team matches. With this in mind, here’s how to do a Trivela shot in EA FC 24.

How to Trivela shot in EA FC 24

To perform a Trivela shot in EA FC 24, follow these steps:

  1. Load into a match of EA FC 24.
  2. Give the ball to one of your players.
  3. Start driving towards the goal at an angle from the side of the player’s preferred foot. (If the player is right-footed, drive towards the goal from the right side and vice versa if left-footed.)
  4. Once you are in a position to shoot, hold down L2/LT, aim toward the far post, and press and hold the shoot button for a suitable amount of power depending on how far out you are.
  5. If you perform this correctly, you should see your player shoot the ball with the outside of their preferred foot.

The most important part when it comes to pulling off a Trivela in EA FC 24 is your player’s positioning. They must be at a diagonal angle from the side of the pitch that’s the same as their preferred foot. If you are not in the right position, you won’t get a Trivela shot.

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It helps if the player you are shooting with has the Trivela Play Style, as that will allow them to perform the shot more effectively, increasing your chance of scoring.

Usually, if a right-footed player cuts in from the right side of the pitch, they will use their left foot, and vice versa with a left-footed player. However, this shot is very useful if the player you are controlling doesn’t have the best weak foot rating, as it allows them to use their preferred foot instead.

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It’s certainly worth giving this shot a go, as despite being fairly difficult to pull off in-game, the results can be rewarding if you can master and perform the Trivela shot correctly and consistently.

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