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FIFA 23 dribbling trick will let you beat players with ease

A FIFA 23 dribbling trick will allow you to absolutely ruin your opponents with a quick movement that burns right past them.



close up of messi in fifa 23

Getting the upper hand in FIFA 23 is on the agenda for most players and a neat little dribbling trick can be utilized to give you an edge during a match.

Tips, tricks, and exploits are generally part and parcel of the FIFA experience as players find big-brain moves to increase their chances of winning in a game, and FIFA 23 has already had a few of them.

From the renowned ‘Lengthy’ exploit to simple tricks that allow you to score directly from corners, these little advantages have helped players get more from their FIFA 23 experience.

Now, an understanding of the game’s dribbling mechanics has allowed players running at the opposition to actually fool them completely with a simple and easy-to-perform movement.

player dribbling in fifa 23 match

How to easily dribble past an opponent in FIFA 23

Buried within FIFA 23’s skill games and practice modes are mini-games that prioritize your time on the ball as the game has focused on this element a lot. One factor, in particular, has made it so that you can easily dribble past players using ‘Agile Dribbling.’

Whereas holding down Sprint will let you rip past an opposition player with pace while the trick stick can be used to great effect if you have a 5* skiller, Agile Dribbling is an underused mechanic in this year’s game.

To perform this action, simply press R1 on PlayStation, RB on Xbox, or the applicable button on other formats, and flick the left stick in the direction you want to go and your player will instantly shift the ball a yard in that direction which immediately opens the space up for you to pass, fly past an opponent, and get a shot away.

Few players are using this as they’re too fixated on the new Power Shot mechanic as well as making sure they don’t mess up the new Griddy celebration.

Using this dribbling mechanic will work wonders for you in FIFA 23, and for even more guides, check the others we have for you below:

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Image Credit: EA Sports