FIFA 22 Ultimate Team rewards schedule: FUT Champions, Division Rivals & Squad Battles

Nathan Warby
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team rewards schedule

There’s plenty of ways of earning packs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, whether it’s in Squad Battles, Division Rivals, or FUT Champions. But every different mode drops its rewards on a different day. Here’s the schedule for each one.

The main hook of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is grinding out packs in pursuit of a high-rated superstar like Ronaldo or Mbappe.

To consistently earn pack rewards, there are three different modes to take part in, from offline Squad Battles against the AI or the sometimes brutal FUT Champions Weekend League.

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Each different has its own schedule for handing out rewards, we break down each one below.

When are Squad Battle rewards released?

Squad Battles in FIFA 22

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, Squad Battle rewards drop in the early hours of Sunday morning every single week.

This is a change from the Sunday night / Monday morning schedule used since Squad Battles were first introduced.

The time that you can expect your hard-earned packs depends on where you live, so we’ve listed some of the most popular timezones below:

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  • North America: 12:05 AM PDT / 3:05 AM EDT
  • UK: 9.05 AM BST
  • Europe: 9:05 AM CEST / 10:05 AM EEST

EA cuts off the chance to earn points and move up a rank five minutes before rewards are released, so be sure to leave enough time to squeeze in a final game.

When are Division Rivals rewards released

Division Rivals in FIFA 22

Division Rivals rewards also work on a weekly schedule, releasing every Thursday just in time to make last-minute changes before the Weekend League.

Again, the times that the rewards appear in a player’s account varies based on country, so here they are by timezone:

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  • North America: 12:00 AM PDT / 3:00 AM EDT
  • UK: 9:00 AM BST
  • Europe: 9:00 AM CEST / 10:00 AM EEST

Here, packs and coins are dished out based on both a player’s rank and if they have achieved three or seven wins throughout the week.

When are FUT Champions rewards released?

FUT Champions in FIFA 22

FUT Champion Finals works slightly differently because players can claim their packs after they complete all 20 games, or after the Monday morning deadline if they have games leftover.

After the Weekend League opens on Friday morning, players are free to complete their 20 matches as quickly as they choose, and claim their rewards as soon as the final game ends.

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Alternatively, if someone chooses not to complete all 20 matches, they can get rewards for whichever rank they are after the mode closes on Monday.

Once again, this cut-off point varies across different countries, here it is by timezone:

  • North America: 2 AM PDT / 5 AM EDT
  • UK: 11 AM BST
  • Europe: 11 AM CEST / 12 PM EEST

Will these times change?

Son in FIFA 22

As time zones change throughout the year, EA tweaks the schedule to reflect the difference in time.

In the case of each different country, the time that rewards are released moves forward or back to match the changed time.

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For example, when the UK converts to GMT and clocks go back by one hour, all rewards will drop an hour earlier than before.

That is everything you need to know on when the rewards for each FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode will be released.

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Image credits: EA