EA Sports FC 24 dev addresses backlash of bringing Women’s Football to Ultimate Team

Luca Di Marzo
EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team players

EA Sports FC 24 is gearing up to make a groundbreaking addition to Ultimate Team, as it will include Women’s players in the mode for the very first time. In an interview with Dexerto, the game’s Senior Producer, Gareth Reeder, shed light on their reasoning behind this significant move and addressed some of the fan backlash.

The upcoming EA Sports FC 24 promises a plethora of exciting new features across all its modes. Pro Clubs enthusiasts will finally have the opportunity for crossplay, enabling them to team up with friends on different gaming platforms. Additionally, Career Mode players will enjoy the ability to hire coaches and engage in negotiations with agents, adding more depth to their gameplay experience.

Among the numerous new additions to Ultimate Team, the Evolutions system stands out, allowing players to upgrade their own cards. However, the most notable change is undoubtedly the inclusion of Women’s players in the mode. This development has sparked some complaints about its potential impact on the game’s realism.

Women’s ratings in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team explained

EA Sports FC Senior Producer, Gareth Reeder, addressed these concerns, explaining that their goal is to unite Men’s and Women’s football within Ultimate Team: “Ultimate Team is all about building your dream squad. We wanted to make sure men’s and women’s football could come together,” Reeder told Dexerto. “I think it’s just going to give more choice in terms of what players people want to put into squads.”

Sam Kerr in EA Sports FC 24
Sam Kerr will be one of the highest-rated players in EA Sports FC 24.

The ratings for women’s players have been a subject of careful consideration. The team behind EA Sports FC 24 wanted to ensure fairness and accuracy in depicting the abilities of Women’s Footballers, staying true to their real-life performances and the competitions they participate in.

“We wanted to make sure that we could respect the competitions that they play in real life,” Reeder explained to Dexerto. “So, if we wanted to have the WSL and Chelsea’s Sam Kerr, we want her to be just as good as she is in Kick-Off mode as she is in Ultimate Team. We’re bringing those men’s and women’s worlds together on the pitch.”

EA Sports have been progressively expanding its roster of Women’s licenses, and the inclusion of stars like Trinity Rodman and Lucy Bronze in Ultimate Team marks another significant step towards representation.

Fans can also expect to see Women’s players featured in Ultimate Team promo events throughout the year, adding to the excitement and diversity of the game.

As EA Sports FC 24 approaches, players can anticipate a more inclusive and diverse gaming experience, where the worlds of Men’s and Women’s Football come together on the virtual pitch.

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