EA FC 24 to bring back fan-favorite Ultimate Team walkout feature

Max Candelarezi
Pack ppening Kylian Mbappe in FIFA 23

A new EA Sports FC 24 leak suggests that a fan-favorite Ultimate Team pack opening walkout feature will return with EA FC 24 this year.

Throughout FIFA Ultimate Team history, pack openings have led to some of the most exciting moments, allowing Ultimate Team to stand out from other modes. Luckily for EA FC 24 players, the classic pack opening experience might be making a comeback in this year’s EA game.

These pack openings provided players, and especially content creators, with a wide variety of content to create and enjoy. Nothing can match the feeling of packing one of the best players in the game, like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Mbappe, and being able to play with them or sell them, and invest in your Ultimate Team squad.

In previous years, the Nation, Position, and Club Preview was a feature of the pack openings walkout experience. However, in FIFA 23, walkouts didn’t feature this moment of suspense, with the Nation, Position, and Club appearing before the player is revealed. Luckily, leaks have suggested that the classic walkout feature will be back for EA FC 24.

Classic EA FC 24 Ultimate Team walkout feature to return

According to reliable leaker Fut Sheriff, EA FC 24 will bring back the classic walkout experience, including the return of the Nation, Position, and Club preview in that order.

In his tweet, the leaker explained that when you pack a walkout in EA FC 24, you will get “3 different sequences before the boards show up,” and ended with “just like how it was previously.”

The leak also revealed “Double Walkouts” as a new feature that could arrive with the game, according to Fut Sheriff. This would allow players to experience the joy of seeing two walkouts in one pack.

Although far from controversial, this new feature split the community in two. There are those who find this new novelty interesting, sharing thoughts like, “imagine packing Haaland and seeing Mbappe just walk out behind him.”

However, there are also those who believe just the opposite, arguing that this feature “takes away the hype” from knowing whether or not there is something good behind the pack.

All in all, most community members agreed and celebrated that “the best way pack openings were and always should be,” has finally returned.

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