EA FC 24 fans slam removal of Ultimate Team Welcome Back Packs

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The EA FC 24 Ultimate Team community had a tough moment when they found out they couldn’t obtain their starter players through the customary Welcome Back Packs alongside the launch of the Web app.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team players discovered that Welcome Back Packs will be replaced with Founder Packs. These packs typically provided fans with their first players to start their Ultimate Team journey. However, fans were in for a surprise after word spread that EA FC 24 Founder Packs do not contain any players.

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EA FC 24 leaker DonkTrading posted a screenshot on X of a leaked Founder Pack opening in Ultimate Team, and it’s easy to notice that the pack didn’t contain players. It instead provided badges, kits, and tifos in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team fans claim they can’t “start the game” without players

The supposed removal of players in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Welcome Back Packs sparked a heated discussion within the community, leaving many fans wondering, “How can we play without players?”

Some wonder what they’re supposed to do when they open the Web App on September 20: “just stare at the screen?” one player sarcastically suggested.

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However, despite removing the Welcome Back Pack, EA Sports have kept the famous Starter Pack in EA FC 24 where players can choose from nine countries (England, Brazil, France, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands) to receive a large pack of players, the majority of whom will be from the selected nationality, to build a first starter team.

Unfortunately, players who have participated in the FIFA 23 Pre-season event and have completed the weekly objectives, as well as Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), will only get their rewards on or before October 12, as stated by EA.

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