EA FC 24: How to use precision passing

Enzo Fernandez passing the ball in EA FC 24EA Sports

EA Sports FC 24 has come up with a new passing feature, allowing for an immersive experience. If you want to take full advantage of this newly introduced technique, here’s how to use precision passing in EA FC 24.

Just like any sports game, the importance of executing accurate passes cannot be emphasized enough in EA FC 24. A single passing error can often swiftly result in an opponent launching a counterattack.

However, EA Sports FC has introduced precision passing in EA FC 24, which is a game-changing feature that allows players to precisely control where they want to deliver the ball.

Previous iterations of the series had passing dictated by a combination of skill and luck, as it was impossible to predict the exact path the ball would take after leaving a player’s foot.

So, here’s how to use precision passing in EA FC 24.

What is precision passing in EA FC 24?

As the name itself indicates, precision passing in EA FC 24 is a new feature that uses a cursor to pinpoint the exact path of the ball. This allows players to have the ability to target any spot on the field and accurately pass the ball. It essentially gives players more control over the trajectory of their pass.

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Currently, EA FC 24 has three different precision pass types.

Pass TypePlayStation InputsXbox InputsExplanation
Precision PassR1 + TriangleRB + YProvides greater directional control and it can also be employed for regular passes aimed at a player’s feet.
Precision LobR1 + SquareRB + XProvides greater directional control when passing the ball through the air.
Swerving Precision PassL2 + R1 + TriangleLT + RB + YAdds curving effect to the pass.

After pressing R1 / RB, a white indicator will appear. Your task is to precisely position this cursor where you intend the pass to be directed. Finally, you can choose whether to execute a high or low pass and then press and hold the pass button to determine its strength.

Keep in mind that precision passing can be time-consuming as it requires you to use the cursor and carefully aim your pass. Therefore, to take advantage of this feature, you may want to use it to send balls down the wing or into the box.

EA Sports FC logoEA Sports
EA Sports FC 24 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Furthermore, precision passing can also be combined with manual runs. While in possession of the ball, you can trigger a nearby teammate to make a run by pressing L1 / LB and flicking the right stick in your desired direction. By integrating these two techniques, you can execute highly creative and previously unattainable attacking plays.

With all that, you should be fully prepared to dominate the field using precision passing in EA Sports FC 24.

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