Secret Diablo 4 Transmutation trick saves hours of grinding

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 rogue

As you head into Diablo 4 Season 4‘s endgame, the Alchemist will be one of your go-to NPCs for a bunch of jobs in the game, with Transmutation being the most important one of them. However, there are several features within this tab and they can save you hours while grinding for mats.

In Season 4, you can Transmute a bunch of items, starting from Uber Uniques, and ending at mats for Masterworking. With such a wide arsenal of jobs you can perform, it might get difficult for some players to keep track of everything the Alchemist has to offer.

This has been the case for many players after the addition of Masterworking in Season of Loot Reborn. The brand-new feature requires you to collect some rare items from The Pit and use them to strengthen your gear. However, some players completely miss out on shortening the grind as they don’t realize that you can Transmute certain extra mats into useful ones.

For example, Ingolith is one of the required mats for Masterworking in Diablo 4, and most players tend to farm it through The Pit. However, you can simply transmute three of them from one Neathiron, if you have extra left in your inventory.

Diablo 4 masterwork
Masterworking your gear allows you to modify Affixes.

Such small details can save hours in your grinding journey, especially if you are targeting facing off Uber bosses and their Tormented Echo version in Diablo 4. Consequently, missing out on them will simply make grinding for mats tedious.

This was the case for Reddit user ‘nakedhouse’ as they posted about how they were “stupid” to not realize this feature in Season 4. “I do a Pit 90 at the same speed I do a Pit 30. I basically farmed the Obductite 9 times slower than I could,” added the OP.

However, they weren’t the only ones who missed out on it as others said: “Just started my Masterworks last night. You just saved me a lot of time I was going to waste.” Several players even conclude that the game keeps it a “secret” from them as they don’t reveal it explicitly.

If you are also on your endgame Diablo 4 journey, make sure that you are aware of all methods to save time while farming for mats, and refine your build before facing off against the demonic threat.

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