Elon Musk wants “simple fix” for Diablo 4 exploit in Season 3

Stephanie Zucarelli
Lillith in Diablo 4

Elon Musk asked Blizzard to fix a popular exploit ahead of Season of the Construct to avoid adding a “chore element” to Diablo 4 players.

Diablo 4 Season of the Construct is finally here, and while The Gauntlet leaderboards won’t be available until the mid-season update, players are preparing their builds to get the best time they can get. However, not all fans are happy to discover new ways to buff their characters, as Elon Musk claimed that “snapshotting” had become a burden ahead of Season 3.

To “snapshot” in Diablo 4 means to get bonus damage that can be achieved with skills that grant damage over time thanks to buffs or debuffs present when channeling an ability. This exploit can be used by carrying around various weapons or amulets with an already equipped Aspect, and then promptly switching them to get a higher roll of its effect.

While snapshotting is optional, Musk said that Blizzard should focus on this bug: “It adds a chore element to the game that needs to be addressed. While you can get beter capabilities, it’s just a chore to start every Dungeon switching up five things,” he said in an interview with Diablo 4 content creator “Wudijo.”

Musk claimed that the source of this glitch in Diablo 4 might be a common C++ variable uninitialization bug. “They just need to go back and refresh the variable, it should be a simple change to the code,” he explained.

X’s CEO has been pretty vocal on social media about Diablo 4’s features, especially those involving Druid builds, his favorite class so far. Musk also highlighted that The Gauntlet would become a “snapshot hell,” which is one of the reasons he suggested Blizzard to focus on the exploit.

And that’s everything on why Elon Musk calls for Diablo 4 devs to bring “simple fix” for snapshotting in Season of the Construct. For more about Blizzard’s ARPG, you can check how to level up fast in Diablo 4, or what simple change Diablo 4 players call for to make the game “less cramped.”

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