Diablo Immortal new Tempest class explained

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Diablo Immortal Tempest class

Diablo Immortal revealed new details of the Tempest class, a brand-new type of character that uses their elemental skills to swipe every enemy on sight. Here’s what you need to know about the Tempest class in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal has shown everything that the Tempest warriors can do against the demonic hordes of Sanctuary. The new class won’t only add exciting new skills and abilities to Blizzard’s mobile game but will bring a new Origin quest and Dungeon for players to give it a go before changing classes.

Here’s everything we about the Tempest class in Diablo Immortal.


Diablo Immortal Tempest release date

Blizzard announced that the Tempest class will become available in Diablo Immortal on May 23, 2024.

It has been nearly a year since the Blood Knight class arrived on July 13, 2023. This vampire warrior quickly impressed Diablo fans thanks to its mobility and survivability, which made it a stand-out for PvP.

Tempest class swirl ability
Tempests are specialists in swirling and dashing combos.

Diablo Immortal Tempest abilities & skills

Blizzard confirmed the Tempest class abilities and skills, where characters will use elemental powers to cast great AoE abilities and ranged skills. Here’s everything that has been described for them in Diablo Immortal:

  • Primary Attacks:
    • Wind Edge: Empower your edges with violent winds that allow you to quickly slash at nearby enemies, dealing damage. If an enemy is out of range you will rush to their location, but against enemy players this has a cooldown.
    • Wave Edge (Unlocked at Level 34): Empower your edges with the crashing tides to create water whips that allow you to unleash a series of sweeping attacks, dealing damage to your primary target and nearby enemies.
  • Ultimate
    • Piercing Gale (Ultimate): Enhances Wind Edge temporarily, allowing you to charge forward and slice through enemies, dealing damage. You also gain a shield that absorbs damage.
    • Power of the Deeps (Ultimate): Enhances Wave Edge temporarily, increasing your range and allowing you to attack enemies all around you, dealing damage. You also gain a shield that absorbs damage.
  • Skills:
    • Breaker: Flourish your blade edges, unleashing a wave that crashes over enemies, dealing damage. As the wave crashes into the ground, it conjures a Zephyr.
    • Crosswinds: You and your Zephyrs unleash a gust of wind at a targeted location, dealing damage.
    • Vortex (Unlocked at Level 3): Conjure a vortex that pulls in nearby enemies, continually dealing damage.
    • Squall (Unlocked at Level 8): Call on the power of the wind to teleport you and your Zephyrs to a target location, unleashing a swirl of attacks, dealing damage.
    • Blade Dance (Unlocked at Level 15): Throw the blades of your edges forward into the ground, dealing damage to enemies and stunning them. After a short delay, you pull yourself into the blades, damaging and knocking back enemies along your path.
    • Cascade (Unlocked at Level 20): You and your Zephyrs slam your edges into the ground unleashing a crashing wave around you, damaging enemies within the area.
    • Flowing Strike (Unlocked at Level 28): Conjure a Zephyr at your current location as you Dash forward in a flurry of blades and water, damaging enemies in your path.
    • Tidal Rush (Unlocked at Level 38): You and a targeted Zephyr Dash at each other’s current location to slice through enemies in your wake, dealing damage.
    • Zephyr Surge (Unlocked at Level 41): Dissipate into the air to become untargetable and unleash a flurry of 5 slashes on nearby enemies, dealing damage. Zephyr Surge also consumes all of your Zephyrs, empowering the attack with 1 additional slash for each Zephyr consumed.
    • Wind Walk (Unlocked at Level 44): Conjure a cyclone, temporarily increasing your Attack Speed and making you untargetable while you remain inside the storm.
    • Rolling Surf (Unlocked at Level 47): Empower yourself with the sea, causing your and your Zephyrs’ Primary Attacks to hurl water blades that penetrate enemies, dealing damage. Additionally, your Movement Speed is increased, and you ride a wave that allows you to Primary Attack and move at the same time.
    • Riptide (Unlocked at Level 50): Release your edges to command the water around you into a crushing tide that pulls in nearby enemies, damaging and stunning them.
    • Stormfury (Unlocked at Level 53): Imbue your edges and the weapons of nearby allies, causing your Primary Attacks to unleash slashes of wind, dealing additional damage.
  • Passive Skill
    • Mist-Touched: Your attacks will periodically conjure a Zephyr to your aid, attacking enemies and mimicking many of your Skills before dissipating into a Mist-Touched Orb.
    • When you collect a Mist-Touched Orb it reduces the cooldown of Mist-Touched, but if an ally collects a Mist-Touched Orb it will empower them, causing their next skill to conjure a Zephyr mimicking the attack used.
    • Many of your other Skills can also conjure Zephyrs, but you can only control up to 3 at one time.

Diablo Immortal Tempest Legendary Affixes

Many new class-specific Legendary Items are being released with Tempest in Diablo Immortal. Here’s what you’ll find after it’s released:


  • Charging Current: Vortex now conjures a waterspout at a target location, continually damaging enemies while pulling them towards the center. Enemies successfully pulled to the center are knocked up into the air.
  • Blessed Ashet: Cascade also increases your Movement Speed when it strikes an enemy.
  • Deserter’s Pride: Cascade also increases Primary Attack Speed.
  • Fade to Bronze: Cascade also causes enemies hit to become vulnerable, taking increased Critical Hit Damage.
  • Flitter Away: Blade Dance also increases your Primary Attack Speed.
  • Merchant’s Scale: Rolling Surf also conjures 1 Zephyr.
  • Overflow: Vortex now causes geysers to erupt from the ground underneath random enemies every second, damaging and knocking them into the air.
  • Reverent Sage: Cascade cooldown is reduced.
  • Tidewall’s Strength: Riptide now calls a wave that crashes into you, pulling, damaging and stunning enemies.
  • Zephyrguard: Flowing Strike now conjures a Zephyr that slashes and Stuns enemies at a targeted location, before you Dash forward in a flourish of edge strikes.


  • Anopsia Rising: Cascade now conjures 1 Zephyr to slam the ground at a targeted location, pulling waves into them that damage and pull in nearby enemies.
  • Sacred Gasp: Cascade now conjures converging currents around you, damaging and knocking up nearby enemies. The damage and radius of the currents is increased for every Zephyr you control.
  • Dawning Smile: Wind Walk cooldown is reduced.
  • Dream and Drown: Cascade now empowers you and your Zephyrs’ attacks to release waves at enemies you hit, dealing damage to them and nearby enemies.
  • Sumptuous Swell: Cascade now periodically unleashes bursts of water from you and your Zephyrs, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Look Leeward: Squall now marks enemies briefly before it ruptures and slices through them, dealing damage equal to a portion of the damage you dealt to them while marked.
  • Strident Bident: Cascade now causes you and your Zephyrs to release a crushing wave, damaging and stunning enemies while also causing them to take additional damage from your next attack. Damage dealt to stunned enemies removes the effect.
  • Unmoored Eyes: Blade Dance now throws your edges, impaling them into the first enemy they strike, damaging and stunning them. Your edges remain embedded in the target for a short while allowing you to activate the skill again to Dash behind the target, damaging all enemies along your path.
  • Unyielding Vision: Rolling Surf Critical Hits cause an explosion of water, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Vastwash: Cascade now floods the ground, damaging enemies while empowering you and allies within, causing your Skills to unleash waves that crash through enemies and damage them.

Main Hand

  • A Thousand Dooms: Squall now causes you and your Zephyrs to swiftly slash forward and damaging enemies and shattering their armor increasing all damage they take.
  • Chsaad Dhuth: Rolling Surf now empowers your edges, causing you and your Zephyrs’ Primary Attacks to become sweeping sword slashes.
  • Fiendfell: Wind Edge becomes empowered periodically, causing your next attack to unleash a piercing wind that slices through enemies, dealing damage and shattering their armor, causing them to take increased damage.
  • Flooded Stream: Rolling Surf now empowers your edges, causing you and your Zephyrs’ Primary Attacks to become swirling whip strikes.
  • Grassblade Edge: Wind Walk duration is increased.
  • Harmonious Castill: Squall now makes you untargetable and causes you and your Zephyrs to Dash forward, damaging enemies in your paths.
  • Mehrwen’s Humility: Wind Walk also removes all non-loss of control harmful effects.
  • Paean of Pools: Wave Edge also conjures a Zephyr for after striking the same enemy multiple times.
  • Shriekworth: Crosswinds Critical Hits cause 4 blades of wind to shatter off the target, dealing additional damage to nearby enemies.
  • Spiral Guidance: Squall is now Channeled, causing you and your Zephyrs to periodically unleash wind slashes, dealing damage to enemies in their path.


  • Mistwhisper: Zephyr Surge now causes you to become untargetable and Dash at an enemy, unleashing a series of rapid strikes against them, with each Zephyr consumed granting additional strikes.
  • Hurricane Hitch: Crosswinds now empowers your edges with wind, causing you and your Zephyrs’ Primary Attacks to unleash wind blades, damaging enemies.
  • No Second Chances: Wind Edge becomes empowered when you use a Skill, causing several Primary Attacks to deal additional damage to nearby enemies.
  • Cyclone’s Call: Crosswinds is now Channeled and can be cast while moving, causing you and your Zephyrs to spin, launching wind blades that damage nearby enemies.
  • Dine on Fishtails: Zephyr Surge can now be charged to increase its damage, allowing you to unleash a powerful slash of air, with each Zephyr consumed also increasing the Critical Hit Chance of the attack.
  • Samilian Windbrush: Blade Dance maximum charges increased by 1.
  • Maarozhi Spine: Zephyr damage increased.
  • Glory to Ksathra: Vortex also increases your Primary Attack Speed after hitting an enemy.
  • Echoing Sky: Crosswinds now causes you and your Zephyrs to launch wind blades, damaging and Slowing enemies.
  • Sip of the Breath: Mist-Touched Orbs also increase your Attack and Movement Speed.


  • Atonement Brand: Zephyr Surge deals increased damage each time it strikes the same target.
  • Footprints in the Abyss: Breaker now conjures 2 Zephyrs to ride the wave, damaging enemies in their path.
  • Flaring Lighthouse: Breaker now causes you to Dash forward, damaging enemies and conjuring a Zephyr in your wake. Additionally, you gain an absorb shield.
  • Isolation’s Grace: Tidal Rush now commands a Zephyr you control to sacrifice itself for an ally to grant them a shield that absorbs damage and blocks projectiles.
  • Pure of Will: Tidal Rush now commands your Zephyrs to charge a target location, damaging and stunning enemies in their path.
  • Prolix Pair: Breaker now conjures 2 Zephyrs that crash together on waves, damaging and knocking back enemies in their path.
  • Truth as Treasure: Mist-Touched’s cooldown is reduced for every Skill you cast.
  • Seafarer’s Trows: Flowing Strike also grants you increased damage for a short time.
  • Waverider: Breaker now causes you to Dash forward, damaging and knocking back enemies in your path while also conjuring a Zephyr at your destination.
  • Windswept Promise: Zephyrs now also increase your Attack Speed for each you control.


  • The Shoal: Vortex also shatters enemy armor, increasing the damage they take.
  • Storms Without Number: Stormfury now empowers only you, causing every 3 Primary Attacks to release a violent storm around your target, damaging and pulling in nearby enemies.
  • United Defiance: Flowing Strike conjures 1 additional Zephyr.
  • Higher Coin: Zephyrs now have a shorter duration, but when they dissipate, they charge into enemies and explode, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Weightless Existence: Wind Walk now increases your Evasion Rating and reduces all Skill cooldowns.
  • Bounteous Sigil: Breaker cooldown is reduced.
  • Safe Borders: Flowing Strike can now be used while suffering from total loss of control and knockback effects, making you immune to their effects briefly.
  • Barnacle Plaque: Breaker maximum charges are increased by 1.
  • Depthsdrawn: Breaker also increases your damage done.
  • Gustgift: Wind Walk now conjures a dust storm, allowing you and your allies to evade Primary Attacks while you remain in the storm.

Diablo Immortal Tempest Origin quest & Dungeon

Along with the Tempest class, Diablo Immortal introduced the Tempest questline with the Tempest Trial Dungeon and the Deluged Plane. This Origin quest and Dungeon will help players better understand the new class, and have a chance of understanding how to handle them during their run.

In the Tempest Trial Dungeon, players can select from three pre-set builds to enter a trial Dungeon. These builds will help them better understand the class dynamics and skill combos.

The Deluged Plane is a special edition of the Fractured Plane where players can experiment and tinker with the different playstyles of the Tempest before fully committing to a Class Change. Wining in the Deluged Plane will let players earn a Tempest cosmetic and Legendary Gear.

How to unlock Tempest class in Diablo Immortal

The Tempest class in Diablo Immortal will be part of a free update, along with the new quests specific to these characters.

If you want to give the Tempest class a go after it’s released, you’ll be able to head to Selynne’s Basilica in Westmarch with any character you’d like to reset. Then you’ll need to head to The Shifting Flames to check Tempest’s full abilities before making the change.

Diablo Immortal Tempest class lore

According to Diablo Immortal’s trailer for the Tempest class, they are comprised of warrior priests from the Cold Isles, a region to the north of Sanctuary’s western continent. They are masters of wind and water who specialize in fighting with “elemental fury” with their dual-wield swords and dagger.

Here’s how Blizzard describes Diablo Immortal’s latest class:

Uncontrolled power is the doom of the soul; power gripped tight the doom of the world. This mantra guides the mist-clad bladedancers of the Cold Isles, the Tempests, on every voyage. It has also led a handful of them to flee their ancestral home for the first time in millennia.

The Cold Isles rest far to the north, beyond Ivgorod. In these harsh lands, its people have subsisted for thousands of years. Legends hold that their great empire of Pelghain—a thalassocracy born of seafaring and trade that reached as far as Xiansai—was ruined by violence between their rulers, sister priest-empresses with the power to command oceans and wind. The battle roiled sea and sky, drowned their mainland cities, and left only their island capital standing, beset by permanent deluges and hurricanes, and surrounded by Maarozhi, beasts of the deep.

A once-proud people now cling to the vestiges of their empire, relying on their bladedancers to endure the weather and enemies that haunt them. Tempests train in the art of fighting upon the waves and sail as far south as Arreat to hunt the beasts that ravage their shores.

Other than imperial ruins, the largest relics of Pelghain’s rule are the mists of the Spiral, a winding network of snowy fjords. The people of the Isles believe these mists are the dying breath of their empress Mehrwen. They send the purest and bravest among the Tempests on dangerous voyages to breathe in the mists, hear the whispering voices of an earlier age, and grow in knowledge and power to command sea and sky as the empresses did.

Those Tempests who are purest of heart and will drink the mists in daily, ultimately trading their material thoughts and bodies for greater power over wave and wind. But storms have battered Pelghain for centuries, and more Tempests are needed to curb them each year. With every beast the Tempests slay, two more lurk below. The sages, councilors and mystic Unmoored who control Pelghain’s future are unwilling to abandon the land occupying its ruin.

Occasionally, Tempests who voyage widely—who see a bigger world, just as embattled as their homeland—reject their society and refuse to give up their humanity to the mists. They claim their perspective is greater than that of the mist-addled Unmoored, and lament their strongest wasting their lives; delaying the inevitable, never stopping it. Some believe their home will be doomed forever, while others seek a way to save the lands beyond. All are exiled, made pariahs to deter others from following their example.

Today, a small number of these wandering Tempests voyage to the mainland to confront its evils. They cut down demons with sweeping twin edges and command water and sky to preserve any lives they can. But when they speak, it is always as exiles—with the chill of the wind and the voices of centuries gone. If their home is doomed despite all their people have sacrificed, what will it cost them to save Sanctuary?”

That’s everything known so far about Diablo Immortal’s new Tempest class. We’ll keep you updated as soon as Blizzard release more information about the new addition.

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