Diablo 4’s “toughest” boss is one-shotting players & it’s not Uber Lilith

Emily Stander
Drowned Seahag in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 players are convinced something has changed about the Drowned Seahag boss, as she is now one-shotting them.

The Drowned Seahag is a Diablo 4 boss that can be found in the Ghoa’s Ruins and Mariner’s Refuge. Unlike most bosses, she does not have any quests attached to her, but the loot that players get from defeating enemies like this is usually worth it without the incentive of a quest. 

On December 17, a player took to Reddit to ask if the Drowned Seahag had been changed. They said: “The Sea Hag’s puddles seem to one shot me now even with my shields up. I’ve never had any problems in the past and could just face tank her for a few seconds while I killed her. Now she casts them and if I’m in one… dead.” 

Another player agreed with the OP, claiming “Sea Hag is by far the toughest NMD boss. Every other boss I can face tank even at T100. Hag’s puddles will [one] shot me at 18k health, 13k armor, max resist, and like 40% DR.” 

According to the comments, players had not been struggling with the Seahag in this way before. They believe that something must have changed, as it is increasingly difficult to dodge her water spout puddles – killing them in one blow as a result.

Some advice that stemmed from the thread included relooking the kind of armor you use when you fight the Seahag. Another player suggested making sure that you aren’t standing in puddles that overlap, as that is something that could be difficult to spot, and you would actually be hit by two attacks instead. 

According to the latest patch notes, Blizzard has not made any significant changes to the Seahag. As many of the players in the thread surmised, the one-shot issue could be due to specific player builds and other changes to combat overall. 

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