Diablo 4’s “annoying” trading system leaves console players stuck for days

Astaroth in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 players are very unhappy with the trading in the game as several missing features and long wait times are causing the major issues, especially for console players.

Most players consider Diablo 4 Season 2 to be very successful so far, and with the devs constantly feeding new content into it, it seems like players will not be bored of it even with Season 3 looming. However, some of them are not very happy with other aspects of the game.

Trading has been a very controversial feature in Diablo 4 as the devs had to temporarily stop it twice because of players using it for exploits that were against the company’s EULA. Although trading is now back, players are still having problems with it.

Reddit user ‘_Drumheller_’ mentioned how trading is inconvenient for a console player as it took them “5 days to find someone willing to trade” with a player not using a PC. They also mentioned how players cannot manually enter an amount and have to use analog sticks to reach a preferred number.

However, the main problem the OP had with the trading system in Diablo 4 was the time it took to trade. They said that although “some players were nice enough” to reject the offer, many just ignored the OP and kept them hanging for days.

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Since it takes “roughly 2 minutes” just to enter 100 million gold from the players’ end, many do not prefer to wait for that long and go to explore other options, as the OP mentioned that it took them 40 minutes to complete three trades in D4.

Other players in the thread sympathized with the OP as they hoped that the devs would “fix it” for the console users. Many feel that “shouldn’t even be an issue” as trading is a major aspect of the game, and many players love to trade in D4.

“As a console player, I just don’t do trades that cost millions of millions or billions,” agreed another fan. “It’s annoying for both parties.”

Some players have even discussed some solutions for this problem as they feel “adding a virtual keypad” would solve the problem for every console player. Many even went ahead and asked if “this is the best Blizzard can do.”

The Diablo 4 devs are yet to address this issue, but fans will be hoping for a patch addressing this problem as many console players are reportedly unable to trade due to this.

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