Diablo 4 players slam “ridiculous” Uber Unique crafting requirements

Stephanie Zucarelli
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Diablo 4 players aren’t all that happy with the new Uber Unique crafting system introduced in Patch 1.3.2. Here’s what the Diablo 4 community has been talking about.

Diablo 4 Season of the Construct has focused on several QoL issues that players have reported since Season of the Malignant. Patch 1.3.2 introduced Uber Unique crafting, a feature that lets players salvage their repeated Uber Uniques to get Resplendent Sparks. After getting 5 Resplendent Sparks, players can craft another Uber Unique they want.

While Uber Unique crafting would solve the problem of those who relentlessly farmed Duriel for a chance to get these items, fans pointed out that only a small percentage of players would have that many Uber items in their stash.

“Blizzard could have just not added this, the only way to get the materials to craft an Uber Unique is to salvage one. You need 5 of those shards most people barely have 2 Uber Uniques let alone 5,” explained user ‘Pretend_Passenger_27,’ “Why not include getting the materials from all uniques not just Uber Unique?”

Diablo 4 players gathered on Reddit to debate what they thought about Uber Unique crafting, and most agreed that Blizzard have to adjust this mechanic. “Five is too many. I’ll bet they patch it down to three pretty quickly,” said user ‘QualityKoalaCola’ who pointed out that it’s easier for Blizzard to start “too high” and then reduce the number of materials needed.

Some players suggested that Uber crafting might be better if players had the chance to salvage “normal” Unique items into Resplendent Sparks, but to increase the number needed for those who want to transmute an Uber Unique.

Others thought that the problem was still the low drop rate for Uber Uniques, and even if patch 1.3.2 allowed them to drop from other bosses, farming Duriel was still the best bet to find them. At the same time, getting to summon this boss has been one of the most common complaints from fans, who say that’s getting more difficult to find other players for rotas.

“People are complaining that they can’t find enough people for a Duriel run, and yet somehow Blizz thinks it’s normal for every player to have more than 5 Ubers to salvage. It’s ridiculous,” commented user ‘Comfort-Numerous.’

Blizzard might still adjust the number of materials needed for Uber Uniques, although fans might have to wait a long time for the next update to roll out.

And that’s everything about why Diablo 4 players are slamming Uber Unique crafting mechanics. If you want to know more about Blizzard’s ARPG, you can check what type of improvements players want from Diablo 4 Skill trees, and what’s the best build for clearing Vaults according to fans.

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