Diablo 4 players slam lackluster Goblin spawn rate in “botched” Anniversary event

Amitesh Dhar
Diablo 4 Inarius

The March of the Goblins Anniversary event in Diablo 4 has come to a close, and players have expressed their disappointment about it after seeing extremely low Goblin spawn rates during the course of the event.

The first half of Diablo 4‘s anniversary event, the March of the Goblins, has officially concluded. While Mother’s Blessing Week is currently active in the game, players aren’t happy with what they saw over the course of the anniversary event.

For the event description, Blizzard mentioned that players would see higher Treasure Goblin spawn rates across the Sanctuary, and even launched a hotfix two days into the event to fix a few bugs associated with it.

However, despite the hotfix, the Treasure Goblin spawn rates remained abysmally low, and players took to Reddit to express their disappointment about it.

In response to the OP’s post, a player said, ” don’t know about the rest of you but goblins legit were still scarce in the open world. [It] wasn’t much of an event at all,” while another exclaimed, “There was an event?”

While most players mentioned that they had not encountered any packs of Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4 whatsoever, a few said otherwise. Another player said, “Should have extended it. It took them 5 days to patch it to get it working in the first place.”

However, as most players rightly pointed out, the best part of this event was the Treasure Bags that these Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4 dropped when they were defeated. These bags usually dropped a lot of loot, and can be a good alternative to leveling alts, should Blizzard decide to make it a permanent feature in the game.

Some players found a way to cheese the event, which involved stacking up on multiple Nightmare Dungeon Sigils and then just scouting for Greed Shrines inside them.

The process is elaborate, but since not many people knew about it, it’s hard to say if it was effective or not. And while the majority of the community wasn’t impressed with the event at all, there were a few who found it amazing. One player said, “The botched implementation sucked, but once they fixed it it was great,” while another added, “Contrary to what seems popular opinion in here, I farmed the **** out of those Goblins.”

With Mother’s Blessing currently available in the game, be sure to make the most of the XP bonus to level up your alts, as well as this small masterworking trick that can help you re-temper your items easily.

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