Diablo 4 players slam disappointing “half-baked” anniversary event

Emily Stander
Horse Armor cosmetic in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has officially been out for a year now, and in celebration, the devs released special anniversary events and rewards for players to get until the end of June. Despite initial excitement for the event, though, players are disappointed in its “half-baked” launch. 

The March of the Goblins is the anniversary event for Diablo 4, and it’s running until June 20 where players can get some new cosmetics for you and your mount, more gold, and XP bonuses. With its launch, though, some players are disappointed in what it has amounted to. 

Problems started for players when the anniversary event launched with some bugs, and the announcement that the Mother’s Blessing event would be delayed. 

The main issue was that Goblins were not appearing as often as promised, and when they did, they did not drop very much of note. Adam Fletcher, Community Lead for Diablo, said in a post on X that the devs were looking into it. 

“Team did additional investigation on our stingy gobbos. We found some items we will be addressing and some more items to buff up. The team needs to put these through testing tonight but we will have a hotfix in the morning to roll this out with notes,” he explained.

The lacklustre loot and delayed XP event, though, has not sat well with players. Many were expecting more, and some even pointed out that they wanted a bit more effort put into the anniversary where they could play new content.

“This one year anniversary is so half-baked and not special at all,”‘javiergame4’ shared on Reddit. “Diablo Immortal gets a full fleshed-out event for their anniversary. Is it ‘cause there’s not enough whales for Diablo 4? This Goblin event is low effort at most.” 

Not all players shared this sentiment, as some felt that the changes the devs are making to the base game were more important. The overwhelming feeling among fans, however, was that Blizzard could have done more to make the anniversary exciting for players.

“This event is basically just a nothingburger, so underwhelming. They could have done so much more,” another player shared.

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