Diablo 4 players slam “criminal” rewards for completing final Vault room 

Amitesh Dhar
Vaults in Diablo 4.Blizzard

Completing Vaults and Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4 is a nice way for players to earn XP in Season of the Construct. However, many players are unhappy with the fact that the final room in the Vaults doesn’t grant any XP at all.

In Diablo 4, you earn a chunk of XP every time you kill a monster, irrespective of the activity you’re participating in. This is why players feel it’s easier to level up in activities with high enemy density.

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In the Season of the Construct, these Vaults in Diablo 4 are a perfect example of such an area. Every time you run into a Vault, you will find that it’s crawling with many enemies. However, players have discovered that you don’t get any XP from killing the monsters in the final room in the Vaults in Diablo 4.

As pointed out by ‘Zrocker04’ on Reddit, the last room in the Vaults in Diablo 4 contains a lot of enemies including elites. However, killing these monsters yields no XP gain at all.

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In response to OP’s post, ‘NewPhoneNewSubs’ said, “It should never be the case that avoiding monsters is the smarter play than killing them.” Others said that they would make it a point to kill every enemy that spawned inside these Vaults in Diablo 4, but they stopped doing so after getting very little to no loot or XP at all.

Redditor ‘yelsuo’ felt that it was absolutely “criminal” to not receive loot or XP in these sections in Diablo 4. They added, “It’s not just those rooms either. All of the midway rooms in Dungeons are the same thing. No XP and often no loot.”

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Another player responded to the above comment and said, “Even those which do give XP, they give much less than what you would get by killing the same monsters in the open world, which is stupid.”

While there were a few players who believed this to be a bug, ‘PaleFollowing8572’ said that the developers disabled the XP gain from monster kills because it was exploitable. They further added, “Yes, it (is) exploitable, which is baffling to me that instead of completely scrapping it they decided to just remove all XP and drops from it.”

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That said, it’s unclear if Blizzard will address this issue in a later update or not. Till then, be sure to check out the perfect class for clearing Vaults in Diablo 4, and the loot table for all endgame bosses in the game.

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