Nightingale player reveals how to triple your resources with ease

Franco Diaz
Nightingale character with an axe

Getting resources in Nightingale can be a somewhat overwhelming task and can take you a lot of time. However, a player shared some tips that will help you make harvesting much faster and worthwhile.

Nightingale is a survival-crafting game that allows you to explore different Realms in search of the resources that are scattered throughout their map. These resources are useful for crafting weapons, tools, better gear, and even for improving your base.

However, just like in all crafting games like Minecraft or Fortnite LEGO, harvesting resources may be a somewhat boring task that will make you lose time that you could spend exploring or defeating Nightingale’s enemies.

On that note, the Reddit user “Angry_Washing_Bear” shared in a post titled “To those who are frustrated about resources farming” some valuable tips to make the harvesting process as worthwhile as possible in Nightingale.

The OP begins the post by pointing out that they have seen a lot of “complaints” about the high requirements of certain types of resources for a particular building or construction, such as the immense amount of wood for Lumbers and Tudor houses.

In Nightingale, using the standard axe will take a few swings to cut down a tree, but if it’s one of the large trees, you’ll need to make a few more swings. However, even big trees will just give between three and eight pieces of wood, which is frustrating for most players.

The OP notes that getting this amount doesn’t seem worth it “when your Tudor house requires 600.” For this, the player explained how to use spells, charms, and infusions to improve tools, and to get buffs when harvesting wood in Nightingale.

Here’s a list of spells and items that Angry_Washing_Bear claimed to use:

ItemHow it worksTrader
Lumber Mill Minor CardIncrease yield from wood and speed up refinement timesForest Herbarium Essence Trader
Oberyn’s Bounty (Spell)When is activated, you will be able to one-shot even the largest treesForest Astrolabe Essence Trader
Charm of the LumberjackReturns stamina each time you fell a treeForest Provisioner Esence Trader
Regrowth (Spell)When you leave the roots, the tree will regrow after a period of timeForest Herbarium Essence Trader
Charm of the MuleIncreases your carrying capacityAscended Desert Hunt Essence Trader
Sylphic InfusionIncreases your carrying capacitySwamp Antiquarian Essence Trader
Time InfusionIncreases your movement speedForest Astrolabe Essence Trader

In this way, the OP assures that they obtain between 18 and 22 pieces of wood per tree and even one-shot the largest trees. However, this was just an example of harvesting wood; for other mechanics like mining stone and ores, other items will give you the same benefits.

All in all, those were the tips you can implement from now on in Nightingale not only to save a lot of time obtaining resources but also to get the most out of them with a simple tree, bush, rock, or others.

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