Diablo 4 players split on secret UI feature introduced in Patch 1.4.1

Souhardya Choudhury
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Blizzard tried to fix certain UI and QoL issues in Diablo 4 Season 4 with the new Patch 1.4.1, but players are split with contrasting opinions on one of the changes that wasn’t listed in the patch notes.

After Season 4 of Diablo 4 was widely acclaimed as the best seasonal update to the game, there weren’t many complaints from the players’ side for the devs to deal with. However, the new Patch 1.4.1 still managed to improve a bunch of aspects of the game, while including a new UI feature at the same time.

After Patch 1.4.1, players can now see what items they are picking up instead of simply relying on the texts appearing on the ground like they used to, just like during the PTR. While some players have approved of this minor change, others have been vehemently against it.

Reddit user ‘RdS-Gaming’ posted about this on the platform as they pointed out this change was not mentioned in the 1.4.1 patch notes, with a screenshot of their game after the UI tweak.

“I appreciate it, it’s easier to see than the flying text,” replied another player, while others replied that they were surprised “this was never in the game” and they “needed it” to be there.

UI changes regarding loot in Diablo 4 have never been a matter of immediate concern for most of the player base as other important issues such as Codex fixes and item drop rates had much more priority during Season 3.

Consequently, some players were against having to see the items as they labeled it as “useless info” and wanted to know how to turn it off. “Please can we get an option to toggle this off, I hated it in PTR and was glad it was gone when S4 started,” requested one of the players.

During a typical session in Diablo 4, there’s always a bunch of information all around the screen which is necessary from a gameplay perspective. So it’s understandable that some players would like to remove as much clutter from the screen as possible and rely on the text for their loot.

Additionally, most players know the names of the items they are target farming, and the drops are also color and sound-coded, so many that this minor change was unnecessary.

The middle-ground would be adding a toggle on/off setting for this feature, just like many requested, so that each and every player, no matter their opinions, can be satisfied.