How to farm Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4 Season 4

Emily Stander
Lillith in Diablo 4

Resplendent Sparks are an essential material in Diablo 4 if you want to grind for the perfect build, but they can be tricky to get your hands on. Here are the best ways to farm Resplendent Sparks.

Resplendent Sparks are what you need in Diablo 4 to craft Uber Uniques, and they become a necessity once you reach endgame activities

They are difficult to come by, and if you want to spend your time crafting Uber Uniques, you’re going to need to know where to get Resplendent Sparks. So, here’s everything you need to know about the best ways to farm Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4. 

Diablo 4: Best ways to farm Resplendent Sparks

You can farm Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4 by completing the seasonal questline, defeating Tormented bosses, beating Uber Lilith, and salvaging Uber Uniques. Not all of these methods are the best though, so here is each method ranked:

  1. Completing seasonal questline
  2. Beating Uber Lillith
  3. Salvaging Uber Uniques
  4. Defeating Tormented bosses
Duriel in Diablo 4
Tormented bosses take a lot of work to summon, and are difficult to beat.

4. Tormented bosses

Tormented bosses can be summoned in World Tier 4: Torment, but they require significantly more resources to summon than normal bosses. 

Overall, Tormented bosses are probably the worst way to go if you’re just looking to farm Resplendent Sparks. This is mainly because of the materials they require to summon. 

For example, Uber Lord Zir usually requires nine Exquisite Blood to summon, while the Tormented version requires 45 Exquisite Blood and three Stygian Stones. Stygian Stone on their own can be a hassle to get a hold of. 

Plus, Tormented bosses also only drop one Resplendent Spark the first time you beat one, overall making this method something you’d only really do if you don’t have another option.

3. Salvaging Uber Uniques

Uber Uniques dropped from Uber bosses are random, which means that it’s highly likely that you could end up with Uber Uniques that you don’t have much use for. 

Each Uber Unique you salvage gives you one Resplendent Spark. For seasoned Diablo 4 players that have Uber Uniques in their stash, this means that you can easily get the four Resplendent Sparks you need to craft an Uber Unique.

While this method isn’t necessarily a bad way of farming Uber Uniques, it takes a lot more time to get it done.

Resplendent Spark in Diablo 4
Resplendent Sparks let you craft Uber Uniques.

2. Beating Uber Lillith

Uber Lillith can only be summoned in World Tier 4. You can unlock this tier once you have completed the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon in World Tier 3. 

Once you have done so, you can find Uber Lillith in the Echo of Hatred dungeon right near the Nevesk Waypoint in Fractured Peaks.

Here are some tips to defeat her: 

  • Make sure you are at least level 90 (especially if you’re going solo).
  • Make sure you reach the armor cap and Resistance caps before you summon Uber Lillith.
  • Equip gear that increases your movement speed to dodge her attacks. 
  • Consider using a Defensive ability that gives you Immune
  • Use elixirs and gear that mostly give you defense against Shadow damage

Uber Lillith drops a Resplendent Spark the first time you defeat her in Season 4, but she will also drop a random Uber Unique. This means that if the Uber Unique she drops isn’t very useful to you, you’ve effectively just gained two Resplendent Sparks.

1. Completing seasonal questline

After you complete the seasonal questline for Season 4, you will be rewarded with a Resplendent Spark at the end of it. 

Interestingly, as discovered by Rob2628, you get a Resplendent Spark for each character you complete the Season 4 questline with. 

This means that technically, you can get an endless amount of Resplendent Sparks by just finishing this Season’s quest with different characters. Once you’ve got it from the quest, just put it in your stash to grab it later on when you’re ready to craft.

While all of these methods take some grinding to get right, some work a little easier than others to get the Resplendent Sparks you need. Uber Uniques are some of the most powerful items in the game, so if you want to craft your own, be sure you’re ready to put in the time.