Diablo 4 players fed up with rewards locked behind empty PVP areas

Emily Stander
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Diablo 4 players have complained that having to complete the PVP requirements for each season is becoming more like a daily job as nobody seems to be playing the mode.

Diablo 4 lets players engage with seasonal content once they have completed the main campaign. You only have to complete the campaign on one character, and once you have done so, you’re good to engage in the content for the season. 

The seasonal content includes dungeons, PVP, quests, and more. Each piece of content gives players rewards, but they are not completely sold on what you need to do to get the PVP rewards. 

“Two seasonal characters at 100, hundreds of hours sunk. Countless hours spent wandering the pvp zones and I can’t get the final reward for the season because nobody seems to play PVP,” Redditor ‘bullant8547’ posted. “Come on Blizzard, get rid of the PVP requirements.”

While you can skip two achievements per level, if you want to get 100% completion for the season, you have to partake in the PVP content. The main issue that Diablo 4 players are finding, though, is that they are struggling to find others in the PVP area. 

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Players are in a situation where they need to find solutions to work around this issue. “The way I and most people did it is by cheesing with a friend or someone from discord,” another fan commented. “It takes about 50 kills to get to Hatred’s Chosen then you just kill a monster and you’re done.”

The problem is that if you have two areas dedicated to PVP, it seems like a waste if no one is really using them. Players are not treating it as an area they want to explore, but rather as something they have to do to get the titles and rewards they want. 

As a result, some fans are calling for the seasonal PVP requirements to be taken out completely. However, as a fan pointed out, “I mean, pvp is a part of the game so a 100% achievement which is for doing absolutely everything in the game should probably include it.”

Diablo 4 devs would probably need to take a look at reworking how PVP rewards work. While taking it out completely may be a bandaid solution, it likely wouldn’t work for the long-term success of the game. 

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