Diablo 4 players can cosplay as Peacemaker and they can’t get enough

Amitesh Dhar
DIablo 4 loot on the ground

Diablo 4 players have often mentioned how bad the free cosmetics are, but one player proved that with the right combination, you can cosplay as Peacemaker.

The only way to get free cosmetics in Diablo 4 is either by purchasing the Battle Pass or by dismantling weapons and gear in the game. Although there are a lot of cosmetics that you can unlock through this method, players feel that none of the sets look as good as the ones available in exchange for Platinum.

However, the Diablo 4 community on Reddit was left in awe after CaptainFluffles shared their own Peacemaker cosplay that they created with the cosmetics that were available for free.

A player jested, “This is the second Peacemaker reference I’ve seen in the hour or so I’ve been online today. The other one was a player-created PGA Tour 23 character playing a ridiculous course. Is this guerrilla marketing?”

This is probably the closest that Diablo 4 will get to a crossover with other video games or popular characters from comics and movies. Another player joked, “Blizzard execs fuming at a random Redditor making every microtransaction look like hot garbage with free transmogs.”

If you’re looking to replicate the Peacekeeper cosplay in Diablo 4, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Artisan’s Tunic (Season of the Malignant Battle Pass Reward)
  • Adamant Cowl (Season of the Construct Battle Pass Reward)
  • Yen’s Blessing Boots (Salvaged)
  • Runic Pants (Salvaged)
  • Fur-Lined Mitts (Salvaged)

Without the Battle Pass cosmetics, however, it will be difficult to replicate this costume, because they form the core part of the outfit.

The Peacemaker cosplay aside, Diablo 4 players have also requested Blizzard to add a popular D3 feature to the game, along with changes to the Tempering system to save bricked items and some fixes to the current Tormented Echo boss grind.