Diablo 4 players call for simple salvaging change to fix “boring” rewards

Souhardya Choudhury
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Salvaging items for valuable resources has always been a major part of Diablo 4’s farming. However, some players are unhappy with Uniques as salvaging them results in little to no valuable rewards.

Diablo 4 Season 2 is in full swing, with the new activity called Abattoir of Zir finally live following Patch 1.2.3. The devs are cooking up some more Season of Blood content for the future, as they have also announced the arrival of their first winter event called Midwinter Blight.

Although Blizzard have fixed several problems in their new patches like the Living Steel hotfix, fans are still not content with some other aspects of the title. This time, they’ve called out salvaging, one of the basic mechanics in the game, as they want it to be more rewarding.

Reddit user ‘dsmwookie’ posted about this issue with a meme that said, “Uniques should provide 1-5 Forgotten Souls.” Forgotten Souls are high-level materials that are required to upgrade Sacred and Ancestral items in Diablo 4.

When you move to World Tier 3 and 4, you will start getting these items regularly, but the only way to gather the upgrade materials is through Helltides in Diablo 4. The OP felt that salvaging Unique items should provide its own upgrade materials, that is, Forgotten Souls.

Other players agreed with the OP as they argued that salvaging Uniques “feels like an L” in Season of Blood. As Helltides are the only possible way to get Forgotten Souls in the game, many felt: “They [the devs] REALLY want us to do Helltides.” Players even argued that the salvage rewards were “boring.”

Other players mentioned that if the devs don’t want to add Forgotten Souls to salvaging, they “need to dramatically increase the amount” of materials that can be gathered during Helltides. Others went ahead and added that “Helltides are the worst part about D4.”

Blizzard are yet to announce anything addressing this problem in Diablo 4 but players clearly want to see a patch released for this issue in a future update.

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