Diablo 4 players call for “restrictive” trading limitations to be removed

Souhardya Choudhury
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Diablo 4’s trading is one of the most used features in the game but many players want the devs to make Legendaries and Uniques tradeable among party members.

Diablo 4 Season 2 is heading towards its conclusion as the devs are gearing up for the launch of its first-ever holiday called Midwinter Blight and a new activity known as Abattoir of Zir. However, with so much new content inbound, players are asking the devs to tweak one old feature in the game.

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Trading has been one of the most popular features in Diablo 4 as players have always loved to exchange items and gold among themselves. But it has certain limitations and one of them is that you will not be able to trade Legendary or Unique items.

Reddit user ‘upstage925’ requested the devs make Legendary and Unique items tradeable “for 2 hours” among party members, or those who were in the party when they got their item “just like Diablo 3.”

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Other players agreed with the OP as they found it “pretty irritating” that they could not trade among party members. “It’s overdue at this point, even 10-30 minutes would already be enough,” said another disappointed Diablo 4 player.

Most players called the trading system “restrictive” as they felt the devs put too many limitations on the game. Other players even went as far as claiming that the devs want to “control” the players and slow down their progress.

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“Account-bound items are stupid in a non-competitive ARPG,” added another player. Trading has been a controversial issue in Diablo 4 as it was temporarily halted twice in the past due to illegal exploits. But the players are still fed up with the restrictions.

Blizzard are yet to address this issue, but the players would be looking forward to a patch addressing this problem in the future. With Season 3 starting on January 23, 2024, the devs would be looking to get as much feedback as possible and release a major patch before that.

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