How to unlock the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Rifle in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

Andrew Highton
destiny 2 season of the chosen dead man's tale

Bungie has already made a few massive weapons available early on in Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen. The Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Rifle is the newest gun, and we’ll show you how to obtain it.

Between Weekly Challenges, new Strikes, and much more, Destiny 2 players have had a lot to get their hands on with Season of the Chosen. Though they probably weren’t expecting to get their hands on the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Rifle so soon.

Bungie usually releases these kinds of rare quests later in the season to let people absorb all the new content. But just like the Palindrome Hand Cannon, Ticuu’s Divination, and the Hammer of Proving, Dead Man’s Tale is available now, and here’s a quick guide to make acquiring it straightforward.

destiny 2 the tower view

Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle in Season of the Chosen

As with most Exotic weapon quests, there will be a few steps that need to be undertaken first. We’ve got to find and accept the quest, be successful in each stage of the quest, and then flaunt the Exotic Rifle to celebrate.

Here’s what you’ll need to do add the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic to your collection.

1. Start the Presage Exotic Quest

To get us on our way, you’ll first need to locate and begin the Arms Dealer Strike – you can activate this from the Director. Kill the enemies in it and defeat a Phalanx boss and you should come across an Intercepted Distress Signal inside a container.

destiny 2 arms dealer strike

2. Head to The Tower and find Zavala

Find Zavala in The Tower and he will give you a new quest called “The Voice on the Other Side” which has a step that leads to the Presage Quest. It’s recommended that you are a decent Power Level before attempting this quest.

destiny 2 voice on the other side

3. Presage Exotic Quest

When you reach the main destination, there will be a big door that you can’t open right away. To circumvent this, you’ll need to head to the left side, negotiate some platforms, including a BIG jump, and head in.

You will soon come across Spores that will become a big part of this quest. You need to be stood very close to them and shoot them. Doing so will empower you with a special buff that allows you to pass through some Darkness doors that would otherwise kill you.

destiny 2 presage quest

You’ll then need to negotiate corridors and ventilation shafts until you reach an electrically-charged barrier. You now need to get around this and keep progressing until you come to a sort of crusher mechanism.

You’ll need to take deadaim at the grates on the floor until you reveal a fuse. Shoot this and you’ll stop the crusher in the process. Quickly escape before you get turned into a fine paste.

Now that you’re safe, continue on and battle enemies outside whilst engaging in more platforming. You’ll then have another few rooms of Spore puzzling to solve before you come to the boss of this quest.

destiny 2 crusher

4. The Locus of Communion Boss Fight

After a long and convoluted road to get here, you will now face the boss. He isn’t as complex as what’s come before, but the encounter will be a tough one.

The fight is centered around two different rooms, the Upper Room, and the Lower Room. The room below is a Boiler Room that contains the boss, you can’t actually go in here or the heat will kill you. So you’ll need to move around upstairs and pull several levers to cool the Boiler Room down. Once you’ve pulled them, head down and unload on him until his health depletes.

The Boiler Room will eventually kick in again, and force you out. Rinse and repeat the previous steps until you’ve defeated the boss.

destiny 2 locus of communion

5. Claim your Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle

Now comes the easiest step of them all, finish up anything you’ve got left to do in this area, then head back to The Tower to meet Zavala once more.

He will reward you with Dead Man’s Tale, and you now have possession of a cool gun after a cool quest.

destiny 2 dead man's tale

So there you go. We hope this straight and to-the-point guide will help you obtain the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic.

More weapons are still to come in Season of the Chosen and we’ll be sure to give you guides on how to get them and anything else important in Destiny 2’s newest season.

Image credits: Bungie

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