How to hit the 1310 max Power Level in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

Liam Mackay
Destiny 2 season of the chosen

With Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen comes a new Power Level to hit, so here’s how to hit the max Power Level of 1310.

If you’re unfamiliar with Power Level (PL) in Destiny 2, this the total combined power of your gear. As you can imagine, the higher the better. Each Season comes with a new PL to hit, so we’re breaking down how ranking up works and how to hit the max level.

Hitting 1300 will be the ‘Hard Cap’ for your character’s Power Level, but you can take it one step further in Season of the Chosen by reaching the Pinnacle cap of 1310.

Destiny 2 War Table

When trying to raise your Power Level, you need to pay attention to these numbers:

  • Minimum: 1100
  • Soft Cap: 1250
  • Powerful Cap: 1300
  • Pinnacle Cap: 1310

The absolute minimum level your gear can total to is 1100. If you never played at all last season, you’ll need to play for a while to hit the Soft Cap of 1250. It won’t take too long, just play the game and you’ll soon earn strong enough gear to hit the Soft Cap.

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How to hit Powerful PL Cap in Destiny 2

Once you’ve hit 1250, you’ll next want to grind up to the Powerful Cap of 1300.

To do this, you need to be going for the Powerful Rewards. In Season of the Chosen, there are plenty of ways you can get these rewards, just look out for “Powerful Gear” in the Rewards section of activities.

Here’s some activities that grant Powerful Drops:

  • Defeat 5 Wrathborn for Crow
  • Complete Coux de Grace Quest in the Dreaming City
  • Complete Bounties (Vanguard, Crucible, Gunsmith, Gambit, Europa)
  • Complete BattleGrounds 3 (Tier 1), 6 (Tier 2), and 9 (Tier 3) times

Try and complete Tier one Powerful rewards before moving onto Tier 2, and then Tier 3 as this will maximize your Drops.

Destiny 2 season of the chosen

How to hit Pinnacle PL Cap in Destiny 2

Once you have hit the Hard Cap of 1300, it’s then time to go for the Pinnacle Cap, the maximum, of 1310. To do this, you’ll need to complete Pinnacle activities.

Keep an eye out for activities that grant Pinnacle Gear. These include:

  • Beating the Prophecy Dungeon final boss
  • Complete 3 Gambit matches
  • Complete a Master Empire Hunt

Finish enough of these activities until you earn enough points to get to 1310, then you’ll have reached the maximum Power Level for Season of the Chosen.

And as an added bonus, these activities will also work towards your Seasonal Challenges.

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