Best Prismatic Warlock build for Destiny 2: The Final Shape

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Prismatic Warlock Destiny 2 The Final Shape

The Warlock has received a great new Super, and this Prismatic subclass build will turn you into a living and breathing fire catapult. Here’s the best Prismatic Warlock build for Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

Destiny 2 has much new content to explore with The Final Shape, and the Prismatic subclass is one hell of a ride. If you’re building a Warlock, it might be good to check on some builds to familiarize yourself with all the changes and new meta.

On that note, here’s the best build for the Prismatic Warlock in Destiny 2 The Final Shape, to melt everything in your path through Episode 1 content.

Destiny 2: Best Prismatic Warlock class in The Final Shape

For the best Destiny 2 Prismatic Warlock build you should pick these abilities to blast your way through The Final Shape endgame activities:

  • Healing Rift (Class ability)
  • Strafe Glide (Movement ability)
  • Arcane Needle (Melee ability)
  • Storm Grenade (Grenade)
  • Song of Flame (Super)
Prismatic Warlock Destiny 2 The Final Shape
The Prismatic Warlock excels at causing huge amounts of damage and has many viable builds.

Your Healing Rift will be your main survivability tool since it will pair with one of your Aspects that can summon a Helion, a small mortar-like soul that will fire explosive volleys at a great distance.

Arcane Needle pairs greatly with Feed The Void, another of the Aspects you’ll be running with this build. This grants you unlimited ability energy, creating a boosted engine that cannot be stopped once running.

Storm Grenade has been buffed in The Final Shape, dealing 30% extra damage while applying some debuffs that pair nicely with the Prismatic Warlock Build.

Finally, Song of Flame is the strongest Super the Warlock has right now, as it excels at everything: Damage, clear, support, healing, and powers up all your teammate’s Solar Weapons. It also lets you endlessly chain-burst fire and homing sentient bird-like grenades.

Best Fragments & Aspects for Destiny 2 Prismatic Warlock

The Fragments & Aspects you need for this Destiny 2 The Final Shape Prismatic Warlock build include the following:


  • Hellion: Activating your class ability creates a Solar Soul that shoots volleys of flames at enemies. Projectiles blast on impact and apply Scorch.
  • Feed the Void: Defeat a target with a Void ability to activate Devour. Your Devour effects are improved, restoring additional health and grenade energy.

Hellion will be your main auto-attack source, helping you clear out mobs and applying the Scorch debuff in a wide area. This synergizes with Feed the Void, and each time the Hellion kills an enemy, it will pop extra health regen and grenade energy for free.

Feed the Void now activates with any ability and that means that Arcane Needle and Storm Grenade will activate Devour, and thus, create an infinite loop of free grenade energy.


  • Facet of Dominance: -10 Discipline -Your void grenades weaken targets, while your Arc grenades apply Jolt to enemies.
  • Facet of Ruin: +10 Mobility – Increases the size and damage of the burst when you shatter a Stasis crystal or frozen target, and increases the area of effect of Solar ignitions.
  • Facet of Courage: + 10 Discipline – Your Arc, Solar, and Void abilities deal increased damage to targets afflicted with Darkness debuffs.
  • Facet of Hope: While you have an elemental buff, your class ability regenerates more quickly.
  • Facet of Protection: +10 Strength – While surrounded by combatants, you are more resistant to incoming damage. While transcendent, the effect is increased.

Destiny 2 Primsatic Warlock best Exotic

The Best Exotic for the Prismatic Warlock subclass in Destiny 2 The Final Shape is Felwinter’s Helm. This Exotic Helmet causes any melee ability to detonate in a huge burst of elemental energy that Weakens enemies. This Exotic’s perk scales with Facet of Ruin, meaning larger explosions and stronger debuffs.

Felwinter's Helm Destiny 2 The Final Shape
Felwinter’s Helm causes your empowered melees to blast foes with elemental energy.

Helion blasts also apply for the Felwinter’s Helm passive and that means only one thing: Incredibly effective add clear.

Best Armor mods for Prismatic Warlock in Destiny 2

This Destiny 2 Prismatic Warlock build uses Armor mods focused on ability restoration, with an emphasis on creating an efficient ability rotation. You should pick the following mods for the build:

  • Helmet: 2x Ashes to Assets
  • Gauntlets: Focusing Strike, 2x Firepower
  • Chest Armor: Elemental Damage Resistance mods x 3
  • Boots: Better Already, Recuperation, Insulation
  • Class Item: Bomber, Outreach, Reaper

You need Ashes to Assets to convert all those Grenade kills you’re gonna get into potential Super energy. Having two of these mods will help you refill your Super bar with ease.

Focusing Strike and Firepower will combo with Arcane Needle and Storm Grenade to create a good ability energy recycling. This means you can cast more Melee abilities and keep applying the Unravelling debuff to groups of enemies.

Your Warlock will always be squishy compared to other classes, so its better to have Elemental Damage Resistance in your Chest.

Finally, Better Already, Recuperation, and Insultation will grant more ability and health recovery every time you pick an Orb of Power. Remember, you want Bomber, Outreach, and Reaper to keep those Orbs of Power refilling your ability energy.

Destiny 2: Best Primastic Warlock weapons & stats

In Destiny 2, the Prismatic Warlock relies heavily on its survivability, so we want to go with Resilience as your main stat, which grants 30% Damage resistance at level 100, and then prioritize Recovery and Discipline.

Since Facet of Protection adds an extra 15% damage reduction (25% while Transcended) you will be a bit more protected from enemy damage. That means you can fly and dish out more damage without needing to take cover so often.

Discipline will ensure you replenish that useful Storm Grenade to cause more Jolt and more area debuff and damage to your enemies.

Recovery is intrinsically linked to your Class Ability as a Warlock. That means that at higher levels you get your Healing Rift and Helion faster.

Ager's Scepter Destiny 2 The Final Shape
Ager’s Scepter has been considerably buffed thanks to Facet of Ruin.

Best Weapons for Prismatic Warlock

For weapons, you want to go with Ager’s Scepter, an incredibly useful weapon, that deals a Stasis area debuff and massive damage to groups of enemies and Yellow Bar enemies as well. Its Intrinsic Trait scales with Facet of Ruin, allowing it to create larger, more damaging explosions of Stasis.

For your second weapon slot, you want to have a Solar Hand Cannon like Zaouli’s Bane, preferably with Incandescence for more scorch and AoE. Keep in mind that Pulse Rifles with Adrenaline Junkie are considerably overpowered now, so having one wouldn’t hurt.

Finally, you want to run a Solar Machine Gun as a Heavy Weapon, as this will help you fill your transcendent bar faster.

That’s a wrap on the best build for the Prismatic Warlock in Destiny 2 The Final Shape. If the Warlock is not your main class, we also have Prismatic Hunter and Prismatic Titan class guides. Stay in the loop with all you need to know about the Hunter’s Journal, the Power Level cap, and the new Raid: Salvation’s Edge.

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