Destiny 2 The Final Shape max Power Cap: All level changes

Aakash Regmi
Guardians inside The Traveller in Destiny 2

Bungie has raised Destiny 2’s Power level again with The Final Shape DLC, so here are all the Powerful Cap, Soft Cap, and Pinnacle Cap for The Final Shape. 

After the release of Lightfall, the Power level was not raised in any new season of Destiny 2, including the latest Season of the WishThe Final Shape has, however, seen Bungie’s MMO returning to the old ways, and the cap has been raised again. 

So, here is everything you need to know about the new Power caps for The Final Shape in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Power Floor

The Power Floor for Destiny 2 Final Shape is 1900. Now that the DLC has launched, everyone will begin from Power 1900, regardless of where they ended up level-wise previously.

What is the Soft Cap in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

The Soft Cap for Power in Destiny 2 The Final Shape is 1940. The gap between the Floor and Soft Cap is considerably lower compared to the past, as its only 40 now compared to previously being 150. 

This shorter gap is meant to encourage players to start grinding for powerful gear as soon as they can. Given that playing The Final Shape campaign will be enough to get you up to 1940, you’ll be able to start working toward the Powerful and Pinnacle Cap soon after.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Powerful Cap

The Powerful Cap in Destiny 2 The Final Shape is 1990. Once you hit the Soft Cap, the only way to progress forward is by doing activities that reward Powerful Gear.

The easiest way to grind for Powerful Gear is to complete weekly activities like completing Dares of Eternity multiple times and completing Onslaught challenges. Keep an eye on your Pathfinder tree as well, because these give you rewards as you progress challenges in it.

Pathfinder in Destiny 2 The Final Shape
The Pathfinder gives you challenges to complete for Powerful rewards.

What is the Pinnacle Cap in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

The Hard or Pinnacle Cap for Destiny 2 The Final Shape is 2000. As the name suggests, the only way to climb from Powerful to Pinnacle is by grinding for Pinnacle Gear.

Raids are the best way to grind for Pinnacle Gear, and with the release of Final Shape, you will be able to jump into the new raid from Power level 1965. Alternatively, weekly challenges you complete for Powerful Gear will also grant Pinnacle Gear if you complete the next tiers of each challenge.

Nightfalls and the Trials of Osiris are the second best activities to do to grind for Pinnacle Gear. Additionally, make sure to keep an eye on the map for any secret Exotic quests, as these also hand out Pinnacle rewards.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Power changes

Before we get into the Power Caps, Destiny 2’s The Final Shape has introduced some new ways that Power is going to work.

Firstly, caps put in place to limit Legacy Gear Power have been removed. This is intended as an incentive to get older Destiny 2 players back into the game and able to enjoy the new content.

The Final Shape has also introduced a new way to grind for Powerful Gear, the Pathfinder. This is a tree with multiple branches that you can complete challenges to progress, and you will get a reward for completing ritual activities.

Lastly, Power has changed so that a player’s power is based on the overall Fireteam Power. Whichever player has the highest Firepower will set the level for the team. This will allow players to engage with the most difficult content even if their personal Power level is not where it’s supposed to be for those activities.

If you want to know more, be sure to check how you can keep track of your stats and how to get all the Exotic items for each class. Once you’re ready, be sure to check out all the other changes that have come with The Final Shape and how you can claim rewards from past seasons.

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