CS2: Best smokes, grenade & flash lineups for Dust 2

Nikhil Bahuguna
A bomb site in Dust 2 in CS2

Here is a breakdown of the best smoke grenades and flash lineups you should know for Dust 2 in CS2, including how to smoke the A and B bomb sites and the best smokes for the Mid area.

Valve has fully released CS2, with fans of the ever-popular franchise jumping into the servers to try the new Premier mode. Along with the new mode, a few maps have received significant changes to their layouts, while all maps received a visual upgrade with the implementation of the Source 2 engine.

Dust 2, a legacy map and one of the most iconic maps ever, has made its way into the latest title as well. With that said, it is essential to know all the key smokes, grenades, and flash lineups while on the CT and T sides. 

Here are all the Dust 2 lineups you should know, including the best smokes to attack the A and B bomb sites.

Best Dust 2 smoke grenade & flash lineups in CS2

Whether you’re playing as a Counter-Terrorist (defending) or playing as a Terrorist (attacking), grenades help inflict damage, block vision, or simply blind your enemies. Starting with the most impactful grenade in your kit, we’ve listed all the Dust 2 smokes you should know in CS2 below.

CS2: How to smoke Dust 2’s A-Site

To ensure you effectively block enemies’ vision while your team tries to attack Dust 2’s A bomb site, you should know how to smoke two key areas: CT cross and A-short.

CT Smoke

While running at the corner of the A long wall, aim at the left of the antenna and perform a running jump throw.

Holding a smoke for lineup at A long on Dust 2 in CS2
Line up your smoke just to the left of the antenna for the perfect CT cross smoke from A long.

CT Smoke (Deep)

Align your crosshair at the mid-section of the X-shaped windows, towards the immediate left of the A-long doors. Then, turn and aim higher than the building’s edge, and perform a standard throw.

Holding smoke lineup next to A long door for a deep CT smoke on Dust 2 in CS2
The smoke for deep CT takes a few seconds to land and bloom.

While both the CT smokes are viable to help your team move around safely toward the A bomb site, the running jump throw is a quicker and more popular choice among Counter-Strike players.


Aim at the bottom of the ledge and perform a standard throw to ensure you or your team is safe from CTs on the A bomb site.

A short cross smoke lineup on Dust 2 in CS2
The A-Short smoke for crossing helps you get cover from potential AWPers defending the bomb site.

CS2: How to smoke Dust 2’s Mid

While Dust 2’s overhaul in CS:GO removed the ability to shoot down your opponents from the spawns, taking mid-control can leave your opponents confused as to which site you’ll attack. There are two areas in Mid that CS2 players should know how to smoke: XBox and CT spawn.

XBox Smoke

This smoke denies CT any vision towards the Catwalk and high mid. While in T spawn, jump over to the edge of the railing and make sure you are tucked in the corner. Now, aim at the left corner of the building in front and perform a jump throw.

XBox smoke lineup from T spawn on Dust 2 in CS2
This XBox smoke lineup is one of the most powerful yet underutilized smokes.

CT Smoke

If you’re looking to make your way towards the Mid area, you need to smoke off any enemies holding the CT spawn. To do this, stand against the XBox and aim at the small mark on the Mid-wall. Perform a standard throw to smoke off CT spawn.

Holding the smoke lineup for mid CT spawn on Dust 2 in CS2
For successful mid-splits into the B bomb site, make sure to use this smoke.

CS2: How to smoke Dust 2’s B-Site

While attacking the B bomb site in Dust 2, it’s essential to smoke off three areas: Door, Window, and Platform.

B Door Smoke

With skyboxes removed from CS2, you can smoke the B-Site from the Outside Tunnel. To smoke the B Door, align yourself up against the platform’s ledge and aim just below the crack as shown in the image below. Finally, perform a jump throw.

Holding a B door smoke lineup on Dust 2 in CS2
Smoking the B door from Outside Tunnels on Dust 2.

B Window Smoke

While staying in the same position as above, move your crosshair lower as displayed in the image below, and perform a jump throw.

Holding the B window smoke lineup on Dust 2 in CS2
Window smoke lineup from Outside Tunnels on Dust 2.

B Platform Smoke

Position yourself up against the wall next to the first pillar in B Tunnels. Now, aim at the sky, right below the wooden plank as shown in the image below.

Holding the B platform smoke lineup from Tunnels on Dust 2 in CS2
Since the B Tunnel entrance is a narrow chokepoint on Dust 2, smoking off the platform will allow your team to rush with ease.

While all the smokes above are for the T side, if you’re wondering about the lineups for CT side smokes, you don’t need them. Dust 2 is a fairly easy map to play with the enemies attacking from easy-to-smoke entrances/chokepoints.

You can use your smokes early in the round to counter rushes or simply throw your smokes in response to the enemies’ activity.

CS2: Best flashes for Dust 2

There isn’t a specific list of flash lineups you need to learn for CS2’s Dust 2. However, here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure you’re utilizing your flash grenades in the best way possible:

  • Learn pop flashes as they’re significantly hard to dodge and predict.
  • If you’re flashing near your teammates, always try to throw the flash behind them so they don’t get blinded along with the enemies.
  • If your team is rushing towards an area, assist them with a flashbang.
  • If you’re using a flash time and again, and the opponents aren’t blinded, make sure to check your demos and ensure that you’re flashing the right area.

There you have it! Those are all the smokes and flashes you need to know to ensure you have an edge over your opponents on Dust 2. For more content on CS2, make sure to check out the following:

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