CS2: Best smoke, grenade & flash lineups for Mirage

Franco Diaz
Mirage's A-Site in CS2

In competitive FPS games like CS2, knowing the right places to throw grenades from can make a huge difference in how the match plays out. So here are the best smoke, grenade, and flash lineups you should know for Mirage in CS2.

While Valve introduced several changes and new features such as a new Premier mode in their latest title, CS2‘s gameplay still revolves around the fight between the Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists.

Whether you’re on the CT side or the T side, to secure the rounds, you not only need to have a good understanding of each map but also be able to take advantage of the utilities the game offers.

This includes Molotov Cocktails as well as smoke and flash grenades. By using them strategically, you can turn the tide of the match. With that said, here are the best smoke and flash grenade lineups for Mirage in CS2.

Best Mirage smoke grenade & flash lineups in CS2

In CS2‘s Mirage, there are three unique callouts: Go A, Go B, or Go Mid. Each of these entries could be rushed or set up with smokes, flashes, and mollies. Check out the main smoke and flash lineups you should know to enter A or B-Site or to control Mid on Mirage.

Mirage A-Site best smoke grenade lineups in CS2

For easy control of the A-Site on Mirage in CS2, your team must know three fundamental smokes: CT, Stairs, and Jungle.

CT smoke grenade lineup

From the corner of the wall, aim at the protruding beam of the tower and perform a jump throw.

CS2 CT Smoke Spot in Mirage
Aim to the tower’s beam and make a jump throw to smoke CT.

Stairs smoke grenade lineup

From the stairs near TT’s spawn, aim between the wooden planks as shown in the image below and simply left-click throw the smoke to cover A-Site’s Stairs.

Once the smoke is over, you can throw a Molotov over Stairs to block the height spot.

Jungle smoke grenade lineup

Finally, for the Jungle smoke, continue up the steps from the Stairs smoke and head round the corner to the beginning of the second window and left-click throw.

The smoke could drop a little bit behind or forward as the image shows.

Mirage B-Site best smoke grenade lineups in CS2

The B-Site on Mirage is the smaller site, so fewer utilities are needed, including two smokes to cover Market’s door and window.

Market’s Window smoke grenade lineup

Get into the corner to the right when you leave the TV room and aim up at the tower as shown below, finally, make a jump throw.

The tower is a great reference point in B-Site smoke lineups.

Market’s Door smoke grenade lineup

Finally, from the same location you used to throw the smoke to Market’s window, you can also throw the smoke to Door. You just need to adjust your crosshair towards the window on the right of the tower

Market's door smoke spot in mirage

Mirage Mid area best smoke grenade lineups in CS2

In CS2 Mirage’s Mid area, there are two smokes that are crucial for dominating Mid easily: Window and Connector.

Window smoke grenade lineup

For the Window smoke on CS2 Mirage, move to the left of the bin on TT’s Spawn and aim at the top right of the door, then tap D to move to the right and make a jump throw.

Connector smoke grenade lineup

Finally, to cover Connector, you should crouch to the left of the trash can, crouch-walk forward until the crosshair aligns with the balcony floor, and then make a jump throw.

This is one of the most difficult smokes, so may you need to practice before trying it in a match.

Best flash lineups for Mirage in CS2

We recommend “playing” with flashes and throwing them in a way that the enemy opponent cannot anticipate, whether it’s over the arches of A-Site or through the windows of B-Site’s Apartment. This is because there isn’t a specific list of flash lineups. Feel free to find the right flash for each match or round.

That’s all you need to know about the best grenade lineups for Mirage in Counter-Strike 2. For more about the new Valve shooter, check out our other related guides.

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