Xbox Series X Controller support coming to Apple devices

Jimmy Russo

Mobile gaming is taking another step forward as Apple and Microsoft work together to bring the Xbox Series X Controller to iPhone and iPad.

Despite the mainstream gaming community’s rejection of mobile games, this genre remains the most popular in the world. Even the mobile version of popular PC and console titles, like CoD Mobile, have massive followings in certain counties.

One of the biggest things holding mobile gaming back from mainstream success is the platform, itself. Touchpads aren’t the most effective way to game, which has led companies like Apple to offer wireless controller support on their devices.

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Apple already offers support for Xbox Controller, the Elite Wireless Series 2, Xbox Adaptive Controller, and PlayStation 4 Controller. According to a recent Apple Insider article, the company is working with Microsoft to provide support for the new and improved Xbox Series X Controller.

We don’t have an exact date of when iPhones and iPads will receive support for the new Xbox controller, but reports have it that the upcoming iOS 14.3 update will bring this functionality to Apple devices.

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Sony and Apple are likely working together for support of the new PS5 DualSense controller, but neither have commented on their efforts. For now, it looks like Microsoft will beat Sony to the punch – with the latter close behind.