Warzone players vote on major movement change and the answer is clear

Nathan Warby
Warzone player sprinting

Movement is a vital part of Warzone and a player vote on a major change to the Tactical Sprint feature has revealed that most fans are overwhelmingly in favor of it.

While choosing the best guns and putting together a powerful loadout is important in Warzone, mastering the game’s movement is also essential if you want to rack up wins regularly. This includes managing your Tactical Sprint, which lets you dart around the map faster but drains your stamina.

Now, a player vote held by CoD streamer ‘ModernWarzone’ has revealed that players actually want unlimited Tac Sprint, removing the need to recharge the stamina meter. The content creator shared a poll on X on May 4 to run over the weekend, before sharing the results.

Over 19,000 players responded and 65% were in favor of making Tac Sprint unlimited, while just 35% selected the ‘No’ option. This means that over 12,000 of the players who voted felt that Tac Sprint should be the default way to move in Warzone.

The devs did experiment with this feature during the High Trip event, where fans could collect Gummies that granted unlimited Tac Sprint. Many felt that this made movement more fluid and improved the overall flow of matches.

Following the results of ModernWarzone’s poll, it’s clear that players would like the see feature made permanent in the future across all Warzone modes, with many claiming there are “no downsides” to the idea.

Others argued that as well as introducing unlimited Tac Sprint, the devs should remove the regular sprint option and make faster movement the default.

“Shouldn’t even be a question tbh. Would take out a ton of RNG and help even the playing field for players of all levels,” said one reply, while another added: “It would make the flow of the game incredibly smooth.”

Only time will tell if the devs decide to make the change following the results of this vote. Modern Warfare 3 features an Experimental playlist where they test out potential new additions like this, so it’s possible they could do something similar in Warzone in the future, but nothing has been announced just yet.

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