Warzone players slam MW3 Vortex event rewards locked behind “crazy” XP challenges

Max Candelarezi
Magma camo MW3 Warzone Vortex

The new Warzone and MW3 Vortex event has included a wide variety of rewards. However, after its launch, Call of Duty updated the “inaccurate” reward requirements and players quickly slammed the “crazy” XP challenges.

MW3 and Warzone have had a run of free events offering a wide variety of rewards for players to unlock and earn. These rewards range from Double XP Tokens, Emblems, and Calling Cards, to the animated Magma camo.

Prior to Season 1 Reloaded‘s release, SHG introduced the Zombies-themed Vortex War’s Domain event. In addition to an extensive collection of free rewards, this event brought remixed maps and more.

However, at launch, the XP targets displayed for the event’s rewards were “inaccurate,” as stated by the official Call of Duty account on X. This led to the amounts being updated, and as soon as that happened, players slammed them due to the “crazy” updated XP challenges.

In the replies to Call of Duty’s above post, players shared their dissatisfaction with the values of the XP challenges: “Why is it 1.2 million xp for a camo,” one user shared. Another player added, “1.2 mil for a camo? Hard pass.”

While the XP needed to get the ultimate reward, the Magma camo, was already high for many players, it became even harder after the update. The required amount was 458,500 XP. This represents a difference of around 770,000 XP between the initial requirement and the updated version.

This led to several players who had already spent enough time reaching the original goal, noticing that multiple rewards weren’t unlocking correctly, and recognizing that they hadn’t earned the required XP.

Popular content creator JGOD was among the players who experienced this issue, stating in the comments, “now I know why it didnt unlock RIP.” Then, another player also noted, “1 million xp for people that can’t play all day is kinda insane.”

While the Call of Duty team hasn’t addressed backlash over the updated requirements, the new XP challenge values will likely continue until the end of the event on January 17.

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