Warzone players fear MW2 guns will be useless on new Urzikstan map

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Operators

With MW3’s integration in Warzone fast approaching, players fear that MW2 weapons will become useless within the new battle royale map Urzikstan given its performance and stats.

Warzone is scheduled for a major update on December 6 to coincide with the launch of MW3 Season 1. This update will finally integrate this year’s new title, bringing all the movement changes and the full weapon roster, to the free-to-play game.

Thanks to the Carry Forward feature, players also have the opportunity to use MW2’s weapons and content within the game, but despite this, many players fear that MW3’s guns will be favored over the weaponry of the 2022 title.

In a Reddit post, user Shaka_Walls shared: “MW2 weapons will ALWAYS be worse than MW3 weapons in Warzone for one single reason. VISUAL RECOIL.” Players think this could lead to making MW3 weapons favorites for the upcoming Urzikstan, mainly due to the long distances faced on the battle royale map.

Confronted with this issue, another player expressed their concerns saying: “It’s a noticeable difference but are they patching it out? I feel like that is unfair to have the same guns but the recoil is different depending on the base game you own.”

Luckily, a third user joined the conversation saying he was “fairly certain” that the dev team “confirmed the recoil/visuals will be the same on MW3 guns.” If true, this could mean both MW2 and MW3 guns should have similar recoil and performance, allowing players more variety of choices.

Warzone Operators in Urzikstan
Warzone Urzikstan is set to have the largest weapon roster.

“Good. I never want to see an MW2 weapon be meta again,” expressed a user who doesn’t fear the MW3 weapon meta takeover once the integration takes place on December 6. “Have fun with your MW3 laser guns,” chimed another player in the replies.

Currently, it remains uncertain what changes will be implemented to the weaponry in both MW2 and MW3 by SHG. However, players are worried – and hopeful – that the firepower of MW2’s weapons will be preserved in Urzikstan, despite the focus on the premium 2023 game.

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