Warzone players claim new Covert Exfil defeats the point of a BR

Nathan Warby
Warzone player in Gulag

The Warzone Season 1 Reloaded update is set to introduce the new Covert Exfil feature, which the devs described as a “new win condition.” However, players already feel as though it’s an “unnecessary” addition to the game.

Warzone Season 1 Reloaded kicks off on January 17 and it’s bringing a host of content to the battle royale. The midseason update marks the return of the Champion’s Quest, as well as the addition of Weapon Cases to Urzikstan.

It also introduces the new Covert Exfil mechanic, a “new win condition” that allows players to extract from the match early. By visiting a Buy Station before the Gulag closes, one of five exfils can be purchased for a “high price,” letting a squad escape before the last team standing has been crowned.

Following the feature’s reveal in the Season 1 Reloaded blog, Warzone players were immediately concerned that Covert Exfils would be an unfair way of securing a win. Luckily, Raven Software quickly clarified how it will work.

Successfully extracting via Covert Exfil does not count as a traditional win – rather as a separate stat – and will not count towards Champion’s Quest progress,” said the devs in an X (formerly Twitter) post.

However, players were still unhappy with how the feature could impact matches once it arrived in the midseason update.

“I am begging you guys to make this Covert Exfil mechanic a separate LTM. The game is FINALLY in a good place, you’ve earned the trust of the community back, and now we have this,” replied streamer ‘Loochy.’ “This defeats the entire purpose of a Battle Royale.”

Meanwhile, plenty of others asked “What’s the point?” of the feature given that it doesn’t result in a traditional win, with some calling it a “terrible” idea. The conversation continued over on Reddit, as ‘fellcleave9001’ posted claiming that Covert Exfil is “useless,” and plenty more fans responded.

“Between this and all the multitude of ways you can spawn back in, Warzone basically doesn’t feel like a BR anymore,” said one reply.

Although the response to this new win condition has been mostly negative, the devs also mentioned that “more details and design intent” will arrive with the full Season 1 Reloaded patch notes. Only time will tell if this will go some way to easing the complaints.

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